Sigh… Andrew Yang is Out… or?

And so, if you've read the news lately you have noticed someone else dropped out the 2020 Presidential race - what they like to call "suspending" a campaign. Why do they even call it that?  He quit.  There was no suspension. At first, I was angry.  I called Andrew Yang a fuckin wuss!  He just... … Continue reading Sigh… Andrew Yang is Out… or?

Finally, a Debate with Andrew Yang

Yang said the most substantive things during the debate, and again had the least amount of speaking time.  I understand.  He was also not well during that debate and it was obvious he wasn't feeling well. The others said nothing new.  I won't even mention them except in passing because I'm so tired of listening … Continue reading Finally, a Debate with Andrew Yang

Sunday Poetry & Emptiness

As Barry Gibbs once asked, "How can you mend a broken heart?"  Well, its not very easy.  Here's two poems on this Sunday from my Intermission Poetry collection. Plus, I've added three song widgets along the side bar.  (Oh wait, I added five songs.)  I hope you like the songs.  Just a small bit of … Continue reading Sunday Poetry & Emptiness

This Christmas Isn’t What it Seems

A poem (with many cute pics of dogs and cats).  *clears throat* My Love... This Isn't What it Seems this Christmas... so Please? How do you love me...? I mean really how? Sometimes you'll ask me before answering And then answer before asking And I am standing here with eggnog in hand But egg in … Continue reading This Christmas Isn’t What it Seems