From Plato’s Cave

(A bit of free verse poetry.  I scribbled this down last week during my quiet time.  I do that sometimes… scribble.)

From Plato’s Cave


He is

My only hope

When all around

Is crumbling

And falling apart


I sometimes go away


And quietly listen

…to Him

His voice


And presence

…calms me

Calms my heart

Calms my soul

The worries all depart me


They escape

To the corners

And hide

His truth

Shines brightly


A light from the side

In Plato’s cave

I sit alone

And see the light



It’s hard to stay

Deep in the dark

It’s hard to hide

From out

The light


I have no other place

But to leave

And find this light

It hastens me

Past… from


The dim dark cave

At last

The light

It’s always been

Right there in sight


P.S.  I feel the ending could be stronger, better, more bionic? If you have any comments to help me with this ending, I would love your input.  Thank you and have a wonderfully blessed day.  It’s a beautiful day here in Texas.


One thought on “From Plato’s Cave

  1. Nice…. checked out the poem and I connected with this comment…..

    Once you’ve tasted the truth, you won’t ever want to go back to being ignorant!


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