Another Random Post: Hannah Hart, Dog pee, and Living on the Streets is fun!

Every so often I simply start typing for a random post.  It was merely two months ago my heart was left in another country.  (I’m waiting for it’s visa to be approved and returned to me.)

I’m not crying…yet.

I drew a picture of my recent mood, and so that’s why I’m trying to be upbeat in this post (it will happen after this pic).

the extent of my artistic ability – circles!

(Photo of my head and yes, my head isn’t as round in my thought bubbles.  I also have no hair – what’s with that?)

And please, don’t “Awwwww Vaaaaallllll… why so sad?”  😦  It’s cool – my moods swing a lot like someone who is bi-polar – BUT NOT…?  So weird, right?

And so I am randomly posting a post of randomness.  (And sorry for the serious tone at the beginning of this post, I will now maintain a happier tone throughout this post.)

I had to practice drawing my circles to get them this round! 😀

I mix serious with comedic often.  I think that has to do with me being a child of the 70s and growing up with sardonic humor, classic Saturday Night Live, George Carlin and The Mac Davis Show (it was a comedy/variety hour on NBC).

Don’t judge – Barbara Streisand had this same hair style

(OhEmGee, I just realized I owned this album… squeeeee, I was such a Mac Davis fan!)

Where was I… and what was with that hair in the 70s?  Everyone had this style (possibly I might have had this hair style…hehhehheh………..heh…heh).

Oh yes, back to being random:

I simply let my mind go… random, like releasing my dog at 7:30 in the morning (much too early to be woken by my dog) out the front door of my apartment and slurring so that my words run all together, sounding hung over (which many times I am) and waving, “Go – doyoshit-anI’ll leyuuu back in… inafew…. bubye.”

I’m pretty sure that’s poor apartment etiquette.

Thank goodness no one has complained, but then I don’t answer my door that early any way.

I’ve considered tying his leash to my other dog’s leash, who always returns to the apartment because everything, even crickets, frighten her and she quickly runs back home.  She could be my dog walker and I wouldn’t have to pay her anything but a few extra dog biscuits.

(Oh wow, I am seriously trying that tomorrow morning!)

First, the hair…

Random posts usually mean I must share a pic of good hair days.

This is my angelic pic I took when I pushed some button accidentally on my phone while taking the pic because I tend to do dumb and clumsy things like pushing the wrong button (don’t ever give me a job with nuclear reactors or in missile silos) because my hair is very long now (to me, not my sister who told me it’s not very long, but I dispute that) and I’m considering cutting it into a boy-ish-les style since I love short hair and I want to get this choppier look and bleach underneath.

Seeeeeee?  *whiny voice* it’s sooooooo loooooonnnnnngggggg!

I look like a ghostly apparition

Though… I was having a totally awesome hair day! *big grin*


Funny Women…woman…?

If you haven’t seen “My Drunk Kitchen” with star Hannah Hart, on YouTube, you need your gay license revoked.  (Quick, look it up on YouTube!)   That’s like asking, “Who are Ellen and Portia?”  …just sayin….

(By the way, if only Hannah Hart was 20 years older I’d totally be in love with her; at the moment I am simply in awe of her talent.)

She’s adorable

Abs are a… talent… right?


I totally posted that pic for my best friend.  Happy Birthday! ^__^

This is a good hair length… and goes well with plaid

She is so funny… and a lesbian (or as I like to call us, Sapphians, because I hate that L word – which I will have some commentary on this subject later in this post – something to look forward to *winkwink*).

There is nothing sexier than a funny woman.  I’m just not sure I am funny enough to cross the plateau of sexiness, but I’m working on it – the sexiness not the funniness…okay, I might need a lot of work.

Texas is hot…

Yeah… it really is.

No, I mean it is really fuckin hot…!

Yeahhhhhh… it really is!

I hate this weather so much.

Why?  WHHHHYYYYYYYYY???  Why do I live here and not on a beach somewhere?!  …with a breeze? …and cold drinks (alcoholic drinks)?

The prediction is over 100 degree days for at least the next 10 days.  It’s supposed to hit 106 Fahrenheit (that’s 41 Celsius for everyone who ‘doesn’t’ live in the U.S.) on “SUN”day, giving a whole new meaning to the name.

Dog Peeeeeeeeeed… on my bed

Little piece of $#%%#!!!@###@

(I truly suck at figuring out which upper case cuss symbols to use.)

So, I drew a pic of my (adopted) dog who knew what she did.

See? Whoville paws!

Oozing of guilt

I share this rare and raw drawing talent with only you folks.

I was so p***d off at her.  She knew what she did as guilt carried her little Whoville paws across the apartment.  She went running to my roommate’s door, scratching and crying to be let in.  I swear in doggy talk she was crying, “Sanctuary… sanctuary… sanccccctuuuuuary….” like in that Disney cartoon based loosely on The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  (I loved the portrayal of Frollo – a truly evil character – in that movie.)


Brrrr…. scary dude!

I didn’t get that evil on the pup and today I later laughed about it.

I had to sleep quite uncomfortably on my bed with a blanket and no sheets, but at least I didn’t get locked out of the house like my poor friend who I think is sleeping in a park with a few hookers, homeless people and turtles, and maybe an alligator – not sure.  (It’s cool, I’m sure she’ll be let back in her house eventually….)

Speaking of living on the streets….  Were we?

Can you believe they actually have a runaway guide?  How does the runaway get internet connection and a computer?  The dude maintains a blog?!  You have to love people’s resourcefulness, right?

They have “How to” guides on living on the street.  Wow, just to list a few things to remember, folks:

1. Pack lightly and don’t forget your sleeping pad (you might need that added padding while on concrete).

2. Be sure and stick around homeless people so that you blend in inconspicuously.  (You have a better chance of not being arrested.)

3. Sleep in the park during the day so you don’t get busted by the cops and draw unnecessary attention.  (Really?  A person sleeping on a bench with a duffle bag and sleeping bag doesn’t draw attention?)

4. If you can’t find homeless people, simply find a well-lit pedestrian walkway (people will walk ‘around’ your limp body that’s snoozing).

5. Rooftops work well for sleeping (just don’t sleep near the edge).

6. This is my fave:  Look for free samples in grocery stores.  (And I found that if you go to liquor stores on the weekend they are dishing out free alcohol! Win-win!)

7. Extra bonus tips:

– wide brim hats for the sun (you wouldn’t want skin cancer later in life)

– lightweight jogging/warm-up suits (they pack well and you can wear them while laundering)

– strap your belongings to your person so nobody walks off with yo shit

– try to smell nice so you can still maintain a healthy personal life (wtf? O.o)

– and last, but not least, try to obtain a gym membership so you can use their showers… and stay fit

Wow, it makes living on the street sound like luxury housing.  As I add up my bills I’m considering living on the street.  The Runaway Blogger tells me that he lives like a king using whatever income he has on nice restaurants and bars.  Nomadic life sounds… intriguing!

Last, but not least, a word about “the L word…”

I’m just sayin, this word bugs the heck out of me.  I don’t know why, but lesbian sounds so… negative…?  It makes me sound like a dyke when I am obviously not a very good dyke.  I’m not trying to cut down dykes – they’re a’ight – but I am gay and not a butch type and so if I call myself a lesbian it sounds so… rough…?

(Wow, and why am I ending all my sentences with a questionable question mark…?)

I prefer a more feminine approach to my sexual orientation like “female homosexual,” “female homo” or “gay woman,” (in contrast to dour woman, of course), or even my new word that I think should be instantly adopted as the word of choice, “Sapphian.”  I like the smoothness of the sound when you say “Sapphian” as opposed to “Lesbian.”

You tell me.  Should we choose to be called, “Sapphian’s” rather than “Lesbians?”

Please vote once I figure out how to post a poll and let me know.  In the meantime, please answer in the comment section (haha, I just typed sexion by mistake) if you prefer Sapphian or Lesbian, or your own choice.  Maybe you prefer the word “human.”  I’m good with that too. 😉

Be blessed, mi friendos, and stay cool… like Corey Hart in the 80s!

You can not beat the sheer corniness of 80s music videos…eh?

…And why are they always randomly running down hallways in those vids?  So random… *wink*


3 thoughts on “Another Random Post: Hannah Hart, Dog pee, and Living on the Streets is fun!

  1. Thanks for the pics 😀

    Loved this post. I was missing your random humor ;P I’m still laughing about Fuzzy. That pup is hilarious.

    I’m glad to finally be in my bed. The concrete table was pretty uncomfortable and small…and had little crazy jumping spiders.

    Dude, I was totally thinking that also! If I ever become homeless, I’m definitely joining a gym. Showers, water, sauna, movies/tv and getting in shape?! Heck yeah!

    Oh and totes Sapphian 😉

    Great job 🙂

    1. Thank you for the vote, Happy Emote! ^___^

      You are welcome. 😀

      Ewww, I greatly dislike spiders. And jumping? I would have ran to the nearest 24 hour establishment and loitered.

      I’d love to join a gym… a boxing gym. ;D

      Thanks dude! Sapphian’s Unite! ^^

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