Dogs Who Walk Dogs & Hunting/Sporting Store? Double Header Post!

This post will have a bit of absurdity.

Part I:  Dogs Who Walk Dogs

I had mentioned in an earlier random post that I was going to let my smaller, more skirmish dog, walk my other dog to save me the trouble of having to wake up before 8 a.m.  You see, I am a night owl.

Well, I wouldn’t really just throw my dogs out the door of my apartment at 7:30 in the morning and let them walk themselves, that would be cruel and unusually harmful to my baby pups.

BUT, this is too good of a photo opportunity.

I tied their leashes together just before heading up the stairs to my apartment after we went for our evening walk.

This doesn’t seem like a very good idea mom.

As you can see, Comet is not very willing.

He hemmed and hawed until Fuzzy seemed to tell him to just let her lead, and then he looked back…


Fuzzy wanted to go home.  Once she’s done her doggy business, she’s pretty much ready to go back home; unlike Comet who likes to check around and sniff, and then pee and mark his territory.  (Such a male thing in any part of the animal kingdom, eh?)

And then Fuzzy persuaded him after whispering in his ear.  (She really does that – eerie.)

Discussing treats upon their return won Comet over.

Do any of you remember this dog, Sam Sheepdog, from the old Warner Bros. cartoons?

Comet is the embodiment of this character.  He pretty much goes along with whatever the one in charge tells him, and usually with his tail wagging full throttle and happy to serve.  But, he’s no dummy – he just has an insatiable appetite.

I was sure to hold their leashes as they made it up the stairs and then took a photo of them on the landing.

Home safe.

Treats!  Wagging his tail wildly!

Overall, Fuzzy seemed in total control and Comet seemed to eventually  just listen to her.  One would wonder what Fuzzy really thinks about through her day…

Mwahahahahahaha World domination, silly humans.

This is a two-parter post, so here is Part II!

Part II: “Johann and I went to a Sporting Goods/Hunting Store – mostly “Hunting” Store and…”

Since I don’t want a lawsuit, I will refrain from naming ‘said’ store, but it was a very large place marketed to consumer consumption of all things that kill other things.

Wall to wall taxidermy animals were the norm.  I mean, there had to have been a small forest worth of creatures’ heads hanging on the walls in this department store.  They came in all shapes and sizes and this is barely walking in the door.  Believe me, the rest of the store had many, many more animal heads and bodies, as you will see.

Greetings!  What would you like to kill?

And then my son and I looked to our right side upon entering and there was a few random little things for the kids.

Suck on this lollipop kiddos!

Reindeer riding the rainbow stick.  Wow…just…wow.  My son, Johann, and I nearly bought it just for the giggles.  Taste the rainbow little reindeer!  (And that little reindeer is very cute.)

Needless to say, I didn’t buy it.  I did, however, see something that I’d not seen before.

Camo-Bibles! Both spiritual and practical


The hunting store has a kid section and this is what they have.  Rainbow riding reindeer lollipops and camo-Bibles for the kids as they use their special little rifles. (THEY HAVE KID-SIZE GUNS!) (AND THEY COME IN PINK!)  (KID SIZE GUNS!)  Sorry, I’m just not a hunter-type.

Do kids really need to have the word of God on hand while they’re out hunting down a few of God’s creatures?  It’s good the parents are watching out for their spiritual life, while teaching them the glory of killing things.  I tell you, Texas raises a special breed of Christian.  Gun in one hand and Bible in the other – it’s true!  I thought it was just a liberal propaganda campaign, but this store was full of families with small children!

Who knew?

[Small Disclaimer:  This is all in jest because I believe people have the freedom to hunt and call it sport and all of this stuff is part of America, and I’m cool with that, but I do have an opinion.

I just know I don’t like guns used for killing animals under the guise of calling it a sport.  If you have to hunt to live, I understand, but for sport?  It boggles my mind.  I guess I was taken back in this store because as you will see, it gets absurdly better…?]

And then my son and I walked toward the fishing area because they had some cool shorts I was checking out (lots of pockets and I love pockets), and then I look up and see this bear staring down at me.


Hey! Hey lady! I’m stuck in the middle of this store!

Oh, it’s okay, he’s just a dead stuffed bear like all the other creatures here.  Schwoo!

We quickly departed the fishing section, which honestly, how many types of fishing poles are needed?  It took up half the store.  The other half was taken up by guns.  (As you will later read about, since I was possibly too disgusted to take pics of row upon row of guns.)

We walked past this display, nicely done cliffs with mountain goats or something-or-other hanging around.  I’m pretty sure these ones weren’t real, but I couldn’t really be sure since I’m no taxidermy expert.


More fishing poles too!

They had a tunnel under the mountain goat/ram/antelope display which was kind’a cool – like we were playing putt-putt golf.  Along the inside wall they had a large aquarium with these guys.

Meow fish

And two REALLY BIG catfish

I can’t breathe…under you…Carl Catfish

See the mouth of the other catfish?  That one big guy was sitting on the other fish’s head.  Here’s his mouth.


We finally emerged from the tunnel and what to my wondrous eyes should appear, but rows of arrows and bows.  (But no pics.)  Again, I was a little in awe of all the different weapons.  And yeah, bows and crossbows and hunting knives I actually find kind of cool.  And, they are necessary during a zombie invasion.


And so we made our way to the other half of the store and something weird came into view.  This had to be a practical joke.

Oh yeahhhhhh, like that baby

This is a store for hunters, right?


There are really no words.  My son and I couldn’t stop laughing at the display.

I know this is supposed to show the glory of the hunt, but it seemed subliminally erotic.  Is that what using your gun is all about? o.O

Anyhoo, we made it to the gun half of the store and there were so many guns I stood there for a moment feeling a little sick to my stomach.  (Yes, this is too soon after what happened in Colorado and also in the Sikh temple recently, and I write this post to tell you all, this can’t possibly be right, right?)

[Again, I’m not against owning guns in a free country, but why so many and why so many semi-automatics and large magazine capacity guns?  Animals are usually running the other direction when you go after them and not attacking on average.]

So many couples with small kids and babies and strollers walking among the guns.  It seemed creepy to me.  Just another day out with the family on the weekend, buying semi-automatic rifles and sniper rifles and pistols with your son.

No joke, a dad had his son who might have been no more than eight, and he’s talking over how beautiful this gun was and they could have a lot of fun.  I guess…?

And then I realized what this is all about.  Of course!


They had so many of these bullets.  They had a ton of them and they were zombie-killing caliber bullets.  For the zombie invasion!

No wonder all those people brought their kids.  They were preparing them for the zombie apocalypse, of course!

I really need to pay more attention to the news.  There was this entire world preparing for zombies, training up their kids in the way they should go with a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other.

By the time we made it to the end of the store I was ready to sit back, maybe have a cup of coffee, rest my mind, and they had a little restaurant that served elk and boar meat, but it was closed, so I looked over some comfy looking blankets and found a real pelt of a wolf and again it made me want to cry.  The wolf’s fur was beautiful and I am sure that wolf loved wearing it when he or she was alive.

My son held it and I saw his eyes water.  He’s very empathic.  And I realized… my gosh, this was once a beautiful wolf.


The fur was very similar to this guy’s fur.

I have always believed in freedom to bear arms, but this almost seemed ironic at this time and it really did sicken me down deep in my gut.  I don’t know why.  I’m not even sure it would have made me feel nauseous two years ago.  But recent events make me feel a bit sicker when I see so many guns and so many people buying them up.  It’s almost… surreal.

Yeah, killing animals for sport is not my idea of a sport, nor killing fellow humans.  Perhaps we should be teaching our children to appreciate life and respect others a bit more, take them on a nature hike or go out for an ice cream cone.

That would be nice, as long as it’s not at a Chick-fil-A (hahaha).

Now THIS is more my type of sporting event.

Umph – take that ball!

Yeahhhhhh, now this is a sport: all parties are equally involved and participating.  And no beautiful creatures were harmed here, at least not fatally.


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