Adorable? Yes: My Daughter’s Etsy Site

I have never shared this information before but… my daughter is extremely artistic and talented.   I know, I know… she’s my daughter and is so gifted and she amazes me with her stupendous awesomeness that knows no bounds and I’m pretty sure she has evolved past ordinary humans and perhaps is part of a generation of evolved creatures that think a little better, care a little deeper, and love more unbiased, and I think humanity benefits from this age group.   (We may yet have hope people of earth, haha.)

I am blessed that she is my daughter. 🙂

IMG_1064 - Copy
Sarah, a.k.a. Lisbeth, and her knit cap of cuteness

Adorable, right?

She started a new site when she recently turned the glorious age of 21 (this month), WafflesCreations on Etsy to sell her goods.  (The name “Waffles” comes from a term of affection by her big brother, Joshua, a.k.a. Johann.)

She draws, paints, composes, plays piano beautifully, and is a crafty/artsy type who sews and makes all types of cute things.

Anything related to pop culture or niche fandoms and she will probably know what it is and how to make it.  She’ll custom design and make you plushies or pillows, or pillow cases, or draw some design and place it on a T-shirt.  She’s simply an amazingly gifted young lady.

A few of her recent designs since she’s on a dwarf kick (get it, Kili?) after The Hobbit:

dwarves dwarves 5 dwarves 4 dwarves 3 dwarves 2She will pretty much draw anything (has an especially cute chibified Robin and many comic book characters) that you might even think is too obscure.  Please feel free to ask her and I think you’ll be surprised.  She is even a #Bronies gal.

So?  If you all are interested in a special, one-of-a-kind gift for someone you love please consider visiting my daughter’s site and ask her if she is able (which I am sure she is) to make that special little present for self, or for another.

Thank you for reading my advertisement. 🙂


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