I’ve felt nostalgic lately.  Not sure, but it’s something like this….

Could it be I’m falling in love?  I don’t know.  (*waves to BP*)

Could it be?

I’m just feeling nostalgic.

So, in the 70’s was a boon of fantastic R&B music.  I spent my Saturday mornings watching Soul Train and wishing I could go there and dance along the dancing line.

You don’t have to watch this entire montage (It’s a whopping hour plus long), but enjoy breezing through this dance line compilation.  Clothes, dance moves and all the fun music made this a show worth watching.  Not to mention, the incredible Don Cornelius.

Anyhoo, onto this….

My all time favorite singer had multiple hits in the 70’s, Roberta Flack.  I can never get enough of her smooth vocals.  She tempered her songs with emotion and control that left you holding your breath.  What a gorgeous voice!


This song could melt any heart.  When Roberta Flack paired with Donny Hathaway you had the first power couple.

You getting chills?  This is perfect for a relaxing Sunday.

What’s funny?  I used to sing Donny Hathaway’s part of the song.  Haha  I have a low alto to high tenor voice.  I could never have that kind of control that the beautiful Ms. Flack had, but I could do the male persona to a beautiful woman.  😉

I hope I put you in a great nostalgic mood.  I’m going to go listen to one of my other all-time favorite songs from the 70’s R&B land, When Will I See You Again by Three Degrees.


Enjoy people of the world.  Get on board, the Sooooooooouuuuuuuuulllllll Train!  Whoo!

This is a just a short visit to some of my favorite songs.  There are so many, I could never place them all here.  I posted my most favorite of favorites and hope you all take the links and continue breezing through and feeling nostalgic too.

So, let’s take a visit to the history and grandeur of Soul Train.

I hope you all enjoyed me showing you this little snippet of most of my childhood in the 70’s.    I was glued to this show on TV as a young teen.

You might not have time to watch all the videos I uploaded.  Please be sure and like and support the folks who shared these videos on YouTube.  Every little bit helps and supports them continue to place great pieces of music and shows on their channel.

In the words of Don Cornelius, “I wish you love, and peace, and soul!”  Mwah! 😀



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