Today is either the first day of the rest of your life… or, it’s  the last day.

When I was young I had always wanted to be kind.  What is kindness?  The actual definition is: the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

I stare at that meaning.  It takes a moment for me to look it over, consider the synonyms, think over my past actions and relationships.

I will meditate and ponder.

Kindness.  Being kind.

Are you kind?  The world needs more kind and selfless souls.

Every so often, without effort, I see the newsfeed come across my lock screen.  I will see news headlines when I log into my email.  News isn’t always present, but I am presently not seeking to find out local or international news.  I only care to know the weather.  It’s HOT, by the way.  It’s so hot my skin actually feels like it’s burning in an oven if I stand for any length of time.

Trump is a truly horrible person.  I only have to see a few tweets or listen to him speak and it’s been obvious he doesn’t care about us poor peons who will never revolve in his billionaire universe.  He was raised in wealth.  Most of our lawmakers have no idea what the average American citizen/laborer goes through to just make enough money to pay rent, mortgages, gas, food, the much needed internet if you work, and all the others costs of being an American citizen.  Hundreds in simply needing health and car insurance.  Hundreds for electricity and gas.  Thousands for rent or mortgages.  Those also include more insurance whether it’s property or rental.  Every breath means a new bill.

This is what our well-to-do rich and wealthy lawmakers do not get.

They parade stories of humble beginnings to sell the masses, but they have no idea what it means to live in a country where you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Everything costs.

I guess I left the original thought on kindness.

But… but… but…

Could they possibly have something in common?

I’ll continue this blog post next time.  It’s difficult typing on my phone.  I’ll have to get back on this thought.

[To be continued…]



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