Thoughts 2

“Thoughts are things you think about.”  —- A Quote

There is a really, really big thunderstorm right now.  My girlfriend is leaning her head on my shoulder and it’s very hot.  I think I might be having a hot flash.  She’s so cuddly and cute.

This is the second part of my “to be continued” Thoughts.

I think it’s raining outside.  “I’m only happy when it rains,” the great philosopher Shirley Manson once said.

Shirley Manson

[I got this photo from IMDb.]

Anyhoo, onto my thoughts on kindness.  It’s a good thing to be kind.  Don’t be unkind, that is my thought.  I’m running into a lot of the “unkind” variety of human these days, but before I speak on that let me start with rain.

Sorry I just started rambling about rain.  Did you know the adage, “when it rains, it pours,” got started because of salt?  You can read all about the history of this adage here.  It’s an interesting tidbit on the history of this saying, originally an ad campaign for the Morton Salt Company.

I thought of this adage because recently I’ve felt it in more of a negative connotation, like the original old English proverb, “It never rains but it pours.”  That’s because it rains a lot in England, and Scotland, and Wales and probably Ireland too.  (That could be why Shirley Manson is only happy when it rains; but, I’d hate to assume.)

Bad things start happening and they just keep happening.

My 2018 began with my taxes.  I found out I owed a lot of money.  Why?  They are still charging poor people for not buying $300 a month health insurance?  I thought surely I didn’t make enough for that.  Little did I know… but, I did.  I just recall having trouble paying my bills all year.

And then, I fell at work and hurt my knee.  Instead of just getting treated, I was treated to the wonderful world of getting hurt at work.  Everyone makes money off my injury.  I fall into the workman’s comp hole, where I’m never to be found again until I climb out and realize the hole went a whole lot deeper.  Thank goodness, I left it without having to pay anything for my company’s neglect at me getting injured. I only paid by losing my job.

I was fired for the first time in my life.  Terminated, is the actual term they use.

But then, I met a wonderful woman online named Grace.  I slowly fell in love with her, and she fell in love with me like a millisecond after seeing my photo.  We started chatting last November every day, and haven’t stopped chatting ever since then.  She’s someone I can just talk about everything with and she’s so sweet.  And… she actually likes everything about me, and my kids.  I like everything about her, but she’s a little bossy.  But, I even like that about her because I’m very indecisive.  She’s very Chinese, philosophical, and lovely.


I don’t know why she likes me so much.  I’m just a poor American schlep and she’s a woman who knows five languages and is a retired manager and translator/interpreter.  She’s got a whole lot more going on inside that little noggin of hers, but she just loves to sit and chat with me.  Not that I mind, because I love to ramble.

So, the only problem is she is from another country.  You know what happens when you fall in love with a person from another country?  Nothing.  Our country has no idea what to do with immigrants.  And so, those of us who want to marry immigrants,  and celebrate the second half of their older life with a wonderful other person have to wait for months and years and spend a ton of money on traveling back and forth for no reason, and then paying all these fees for no real reason.  It’s all so uncertain because of all the new anti-immigrant fervor you don’t know if your spouse will ever really get to stay here with you if you make a mistake on any one of their myriad forms.  But that’s not the hard part.  You have to hope there isn’t some guy in the USCIS that isn’t having a bad day and doesn’t like your smile or look, or even your country, and he can reject your entry into this country.  You begin to question, “Is it worth the effort?”

I think it is, but I am getting older.  I try to believe that maybe someone will be kind rather than unkind.

Kindness.  You have to rely on the kindness of strangers.

This isn’t even the part of kindness I was originally going to write on.  I suppose I’ll have to have a Thoughts 3.  Until then, please be kind.










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