Hi Peeps! This Blog is A-Changing…

For the better.


I’ve been in the dumps lately and I know the last five or so blogs have been worthy of Debbie Downer’s endorsement, but I am here to tell you I am changing to a more positive tone.  A more optimistic perspective.  I am going to be a more upbeat and uplifting blogger.  I am going to be like those spiritual gurus and Buddha wannabees.  I’m going to be the spiritual sojourner that I intended to be when I first started this blog.

So don’t despair peeps, and I will guide you through life, stumbling and fumbling, and possibly falling down (a lot if you’re like me – these knees just aren’t the same as they used to be), but then getting back up.

I am going to make you want to meditate… maybe.

I am going to make you want to take life in moments.  Eat noodles one strand at a time.

You are going to even lose weight reading my blog.  The excitement from each and every action-packed verb will ooze so quickly out all of your fat cells will be destroyed.

(Okay, I made up the last thing.)

I am going to make you want to read on and hope to God I don’t ramble again.

“Oh please don’t.”

Now, I could just delete everything I’ve written (I kind of did for the most part), or I could simply start a whole new chapter in blogging today.

This is my whole new chapter as….



adventure-background-blur-891252It’s all the rage.

I will be traveling in the near future.  Actually, this has to do with my girlfriend, Grace.  I will be traveling to her beautiful country, Taiwan, and hopefully swinging by Japan.  I want to consistently update on the goings on in something that’s foreign to me.  (Get the pun?)

I am trying something new in the blogosphere.   I might even tie in my rarely used, but now hopefully more used, YouTube channel (listens for crickets), as a Vlogger.

However, yes, and a very “however” however, I am announcing  this blog has it’s actual domain.  It is theunlitcigarette.com.  I’m a DOT COM peeps!  I’ve entered the wonderful world of blogging.  I also had my funinme dot com, but left that because I prefer The Unlit Cigarette to The Fun in Me.

This new blog theme for my unlit cigarette will be a combination of the fun in me and the real in me.  When I combine the two a strange green man appears.  (Reference anyone?)

Not really.

Anyhoo, please keep in touch with my blog, and vlog.  Please look for the changes… the very positive changes, and the traveling, and how I continue the search to find my soul, and how I learn to be a better person, and then maybe I lose weight and find love at the end.  *wink*

That’s all folks and now for me to say,  “Goodnight Gracie!”  (Reference anyone?  Anyone?)

Okay then…

“Goodnight peeps and good searching!”




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