Asian Immersion

K-Dramas, Eason Chan, and Shiba Inu’s, oh my….


This is Ryuji.  They say he is the most expressive Shiba Inu at this boredpanda site.  There are a ton of cute pics of this guy.  So, go take a look and support the site!

I have been immersed in Asian stuff these days.   This was waaaayyyy before I started dating a beautiful Asian woman, my lovely Grace.  I have always been drawn to Korean Dramas and films from Asia, like The Host (Korean) and The Road Home (Chinese). I have an insane collection of Japanese Anime (at least 20 rare boxed sets I’m selling, by the way) and K-pop, J-pop and music from all across Asia.  I don’t know why, other than I’ve always been drawn to the Orient.  Perhaps, it’s another life?  Maybe I was being led to Grace long ago and never realized that is what drew me to Asia.  I am not sure.


Onto my first love that was very different than anyone I knew.  I am the only person in my atmosphere who knows K-drama.  It’s actually a “thing.”  I am pretty sure I haven’t met in real life another fan of K-drama.  If you happen to be one, please let me know in the comments.


I am very into this new show (not that new, but new to me) Stranger, or Forest of Secrets, or in Korea it’s known as Bimilui Soop.  Unfortunately, as of October 16th Drama Fever (the best place to watch K-dramas) was shut down.  Fortunately, you can catch some of the shows on Netflix.  This show, is on Netflix, thank goodness!

It’s starring my new favorite actress, Doona Bae, or Bae Doona depending on what site you are doing a name search.

She is probably best known for her role of Sun Bak, in Sense 8.   (A show you must all definitely watch!) She is just so cool and kick-ass.


It’s rumored she is dating her co-star pictured here, Sukku Son.  By the way, these two had an awesome fighting scene from Sense 8.  It takes place in a multi-leveled, tiered, cemetery with a beautiful scenic backdrop.  It was pretty wild, and I’m sure some of those hits looked real.

Anyhoo, my love for K-Dramas began when I watched a little show called Coffee Prince.  It is the iconic K-Drama.  This gem continuously makes every top 10 Korean Drama list (it’s actually a romantic comedy, but with drama – so dramedy?).


If you are considering checking out K-Drama’s I would suggest watching this one first and then you’ll be hooked.

I also loved Goblin, the Lonely and Great God, You’re Beautiful, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (period drama), Cinderella with Four Knights, and then I watched Temptation, only because it starred Choi Ji Woo. 😀  Those are just a few.  I think you can watch K-dramas on Netflix these days.  What a wonderful world we live in….

My Cantonese Vocal Love

Eason Chan!  Squee!  Eason!!!

He has a song that I can listen to over and over again.

This is such a beautiful song.

I’m also loving Jay Chou.  He’s newer on the scene of Asian music, but Grace informs me he’s very hot right now.  I think he tends to sing in Mandarin more than Cantonese, which makes me prefer Eason Chan’s lyrical voice.  But, I still find such beautiful songs from Jay Chou.

There is a song that always reminds me of Grace when I hear it.  It’s actually by a young gentleman named, J J Lin.  Here, please listen.  It’s a beautiful song.  It makes me feel like crying.  Practice Love, by the talented J J Lin.

Three for three.  Next, I’ll tell you about the time I worked three jobs at once.  (I needed the money.)

By the way, I published a small book of poetry, One Small Glimpse.  I’ll write on that in my next post along with the tales of the three jobs.  Please tune in. 😉

Until then, please enjoy the music, this wonderful new time change (you get an extra hour of sleep tonight), and have a good night and good searching!










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