One Small Glimpse

One Small Glimpse…

And so, I published this little book of poetry.  It’s very small.  I will probably publish a larger book of poetry one day, but this is it for now.  My small book, of which you should immediately purchase HERE.  The advantage of buying via Amazon is you are able to get the eBook version for free after you purchase the soft cover.

poetry cover

Thanks ahead of time for buying my little book.  A nice review would also be appreciated.  If you want a free copy because you want to be a reviewer, then please email me (I will tell you more about this at the end of this post).

Thanksgiving came and went…

As did many poor turkey heads.

Yes, he is judging you carnivores

In the states we have a thing called, Thanksgiving.  We are to remember all the things that make us thankful.  I must think about this quite a bit.  Finding things to be thankful for is such an arduous task.  I’m so ungrateful much more often than I am thankful… for the most part.  That’s why I’m a neurotic and anxiety-ridden person who is depressed and negative.

Okay, remember when I wrote I would be the uplifting blogger?

adorable-angry-animal-208984 (1)

I am trying very hard to be uplifting.  That’s what everyone wants.  Someone to spray them with happy positive thoughts.  My girlfriend loves those positive bloggers and life coach YouTubers and such.   (She constantly sends me links.)  I was supposed to travel to Taiwan and be with her and post very awesome travel blogger posts.  But that all ended when I had to stay here.  And thus, the turbulence began.

I don’t have a lot of positive thoughts these days.  I am a very depressed person.  When my girlfriend tells me she wants to think about our relationship in “maybe we shouldn’t be in a relationship,” way?  It makes me very depressed.  Distance doesn’t really make the heart grow fonder.  It makes for a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication.  It makes me miss her so much.


I was going to blog about my thankfulness.  I was going to promote my first published writing.  I am so thankful to finally be published.  It’s such a wonderful feeling!  My first book!   It’s not what I thought would be my first, since it’s a book of poetry.  I was expecting to publish one of my novels first.  But I keep re-editing!  (Darn perfectionism!)

Poetry is short.  It can be written quickly, and I have a ton of it lying around.  Not to mention, I’m a somewhat prolific songwriter and have a bunch of lyrics that are quite nice as poetry.

Grace told me to publish it and I did.  (Grace always gives me the best advice.)  I am even lowering the price on it this week, $4.99.  It’s at Amazon, One Small Glimpse, Val’s first jaunt into publishing her poetry and publishing an actual piece of writing for the world to see.  Also, if you buy the soft cover the Kindle eBook is available for free.  It’s always nice to get free things.

The entire first chapter is dedicated to Grace.  It’s called, “In Love.”  Love poems.  I don’t know how I’d live without Grace.  It’s a very sad feeling inside.

I’m going to try and be thankful, though.  I am thankful for you who are reading this blog now. 😊  I am also thankful that I have wonderful kids.  I’m thankful to have three jobs and a roof over my head, and food to eat.

That reminds me:

Three Jobs

What was I thinking?!  Don’t ever work three jobs.  Scheduling between them is a nightmare.  I am sore in places I never knew I could be sore in.

I first got a job at a pizza place that said “delivery drivers easily make between $15 to $20 an hour.”  Cool, sign me up.  All the delivery is within three miles of the pizza place and it’s easy for me to deliver and make some quick cash.  So, I signed up.

Guess what?  Delivery drivers only make a base pay (which they didn’t tell me) of $4 an hour, and you are lucky to make enough tips to bring it up to minimum wage at $7.25 an hour.  But it is an easy job to do.  I’m learning all about making pizza, washing dishes, folding pizza boxes and making dough.  Not literally, because obviously this job does not pay a lot of dough.

Imma makin da pizzzza

And so, then I got a job at my old workplace.  I am a cashier for the holidays.  I actually love working for this company and it’s a clean environment.  I like clean.  I also like jobs where I don’t have to put too much thought into what to wear.  Red shirt and khaki pants.  It’s easy.  They pay more these days, also.  Twelve dollars an hour.  They are moving toward $15 an hour, slowly but surely.

And then, I read they were hiring at the post office for an assistant rural carrier.  It pays $17.76 an hour.  I have always wanted to deliver mail.  I also wanted to be a truck driver.  (I had very strange vocational leanings when I was a child.)  And so, I was hired for the CIA.  No, but it feels like it.  I have never had such a rigorous on-boarding like the USPS.  I am truly reconsidering wanting to work here, but I made it through the first five levels of background and questionnaires.  In fact, they sent me the same questions three times to answer the same exact questions.  I’m not sure why.  My resume has all the same answers.  It hasn’t changed.

(P.S. I stopped attempting working for the USPS.  I couldn’t handle the driving and distance for training, and then the constant new paperwork to fill out.  I’m pretty sure afterward I could be hired by the CIA, but I’d rather have a simple life.)

And so…

That is all I really had to say for now.  I am promoting my new little book of poetry.  Again, you can purchase it here.   If you ask me for a signed copy, I will send you one and charge $3.50 plus postage. (I’ll have to tell you later how much is postage, because I have to check first.)  You can pay me through PayPal at my email:

Thank you again for reading, and as always, “Good day and good searching!” 🙂



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