Publishing Another Book

Below is a poem I wrote in consideration of the new book I am determined to have published this summer.  It’s a small tale in the realm of fantasy and whimsy, A Small Book of Whimsy.  Think of Lewis Carroll, Dr. Seuss and A. A. Milne having a few too many drinks at a pub, just tossing about a tale, and then throwing it in the trash, only to be found later by a publishing house hack that then takes it to her boss and says, “I have the next Twilight here!”  And so, it gets published and everyone says, “Wow, where has this author been all my life?”  Because yes, that is how fantasy works.

Throughout the next month or two I will be placing poetry that coincides with this small tale of an odd girl who finds love and adventure because of her crazy head of hair.  No, really.  You would have to read it to believe it.  Sometime follicles lead you to the oddest places.

Peeps Close up
Peeps with a crazy head of hair and a 30,000-watt smile

A Story in Mind

I had to think over what to do next

Books are not easy

They aren’t just thrown together one day

Despite how that may be the way it looks

Okay, so yes, that is how I write my books.

A quick little glimmer of idea and then

I just start writing with no thought in my head

I let my characters tell the story and then

They just go on and on, greedy bastards to live

Ranting, perhaps but thoughtful, oh no

I’m just not really sure what will happen and so

I just write and write and hope for the best

What you’re reading right now will surely attest

To that fact I am clueless

To where this will go

A treasure?

Well yes, that’s in finding what happens next

All books are the same, they’re an adventure in the brain

Your eyes see the words and the ideas they form

Into a movie of sorts, serialized dramas and reports

Your eyes continue scanning and there is so much more

Each person who reads this, will see something slightly different

And so, you have your private viewing of a story in store

You are an explorer of a world never seen

By any one person, or any one being

This is my story written only for those seeing

I hope its enjoyable to those who remain reading

Thank you, and now back to the tale

Will the good guys prevail?

I certainly hope so, indeed

You’ll never find out

If you don’t continue to read


BP and Peeps
Peeps and BP (I’m not much of an artist)

Below is a close-up of Peeps’ best friend and possible girlfriend, BP, or Blue… because she has blue hair.  Peeps calls her Bossy Pants (BP) because she always tells Peeps what to do, but that is because she mostly knows what to do and Peeps is a clueless airhead.

BP close up
Blue( a.k.a. BP, short for Bossy Pants)

Again, my small poetry book, One Small Glimpse, from last year can be found on Amazon.  It is also available on Kindle.

poetry cover
Also, my amazing art work!


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