Protagonist, or Antagonist…?

It’s about trust.  It’s about respect.  It’s about kindness and goodness and all those things that our protagonist in the story represent.  Courage.  Selflessness.  Perseverance.  You’d think a person’s life was set up to reflect Galatians 5:22,23 and the fruits of the spirit.  (I actually remembered those verses from when I used to read and study the Bible.)


Have you ever wondered if you’d look back at life and realize instead of the protagonist in the story you were the antagonist?  The “bad” guy?  But no, we don’t want to be the bad guy in our story.  We want to be the good guy.  We want to save the damsels and face the odds, and face life brilliantly and courageously.

I would gander a guess that everyone thinks they are the good guy in their story of life.

You know, really stop and think about this.  Look in a mirror and gaze back at yourself.  Look deep in those baby blues, or greenish hazel, or oozing brown.  Do you see a soul looking back at you?  What is the depth?  The depth of character?

Now, I have many years behind me to consider who I am.  Do you ever consider who you are?

If you are in your 20’s – and if I recall being in my 20’s – you would never in a million years think you are the bad guy in your story of life.  You probably think you’re a pretty nice person, doing okay, not too bad, and overall likable.

In your 30’s you begin to see a little chink in your armor of knighthood.  You start hearing things from significant others like, “I can’t trust you,” or “you’re… this or that.”  You are now hearing stuff about yourself you’d rather not hear.  You shrug it off, “They don’t know me.”  Well…, that’s true.  Nobody knows “you” like… you.

In your 40’s you’ve either had multiple relationships, been through or going through a divorce, or even just living life going along with whatever happens.  I’d say “happily single,” but people are not always happily when they’re single.  Are they?

With a significant other person in your life you always have someone to go for a walk with or someone to give you a hug when you need it.  Human touch is vital and important.  Contact and conversation is life-giving.  I don’t mean a girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife.  I mean, someone significantly other that is in your life.  A BFF, even.


I’m in my 50’s and so I look in the mirror quite often and see many more wrinkles, much more weight I hadn’t expected, and a soul that sometimes looks recognizably like me.  But other times, it is unrecognizable and not me.

I remember trying to write down memoirs that started out, “Do you ever realize you are the bad guy in your story?”

When I say “bad” guy I don’t mean you are doing things that are illegal.  I am talking about character and moral and ethical aptitude.

I think it’s good to every so often stop and look at your reflection and ask yourself, “Am I the good guy or bad guy in this story?”  And hopefully, you work at being a little bit kinder to yourself.

Because in every good story every character is a little of both.  Don’t be a Mary Sue, and work on being better and learn as you go, because you’re going to eventually do something that makes you both the bad guy and the good guy on any given day.

I hope you have an awesome day of goodness and good searching! 😀




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