A Couple of Poems

As I’ve shared before I am writing a new book I want to have published by this summer, A Small Book of Whimsy.  They are actually having a contest at Amazon titled, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.  I am considering entering, despite hearing others say it’s a bad deal here at this blog, The Writer’s Alley.   Basically, it’s up to you.  For someone who has little to no traffic for their books, any traffic is a good deal.  And so, hope me the best for my book.

And with that, a “Good morning” to you!



Now, here are a couple of poems that I hope you will like.  Please feel free to comment on this bit of free verse:


…of One Day

This is not what was expected, I am sure

You were buying a poetry book… maybe?

I’m sitting here writing this whole thing in my small loft

There is this large and fantastical world just outside my window

You see, I live in a modest abode on the second floor

I watch the outdoors and life outside my window


Flow, like the aesthetic fountain placed in the center of the court

Time passes for me as I sit here

Does it move as slowly for you?

Yes, I think it does

The world passes away and unfolds

Do you live for the day, as a good stoic?

Or, maybe you only live for tomorrow and the next time?

I think maybe your mind isn’t always in rhyme

As it is, for mine


We live for our savings, our tomorrows, and one days

We live losing the now in this fog and this glaze

Of… one day, yes, we’ll do this one day




Sometimes, are the best times

We always want this to stay

We get comfortable in our present

And then nothing can change

It’s a steady refrain

We wake up and then sleep

I miss you Fuzzy…

We sleep and then wake up

Deja Vu is our day time

And then Deja Vu is our night

We can call it a gift

We can call it a plight

We can call it a slow death

We can call it slow life

But it’s always the same

The only one change

Is the view from up high?

Or low, down beneath?

We can always look at our world





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