I should really start a category titled, “The Things I Love.”  Does loving coffee make me shallow?

No, I love you too


Thank you Lavazza. 😀  That’s my little bag of coffee that I got on sale and with a generous coupon for $5 less than they were priced at my local market.  It was a whim buy and I’m so glad I happened to buy it because… best coffee ever!

This is a brand from Italy and I found that you can actually buy this at a decent price on Amazon.  Look for Lavazza.  It has almost a full five-star rating except for a few tasteless maroons (is that word still used?) who gave it a low rating, but overall a perfect five-star.  It’s truly one of the best, if not the best, coffees I’ve ever tasted.  And I have drank A LOT of coffee in my life.  It’s not bitter like Starbucks or bland like any of the common American brands (yes, Folgers).  It doesn’t make your stomach want to roll over and die like Seattle’s Best.  It doesn’t taste like a bunch of old and used beans that were discarded in the bin and then placed in a bag to be sold (just about every other coffee I’ve tried).  cropped-img_1603.jpgIt’s definitely rich and robust and flavorful.  It makes you want to just sit on the patio and cherish your morning with a delicious cup of coffee.

Let me tell you about this beautiful little coffee.  It was begun by a gentleman, Luigi Lavazzo (pronounced La-VATS-O) in his little shop in Torino, Italy in around 1895.  He found he had a gift at making delicious coffee.  And so now, it’s all over the place in Europe and India and Brazil, and now the USA.  His business culture is that of a conscientious and environmentally and culturally observant business owner.  I kind of like that and can appreciate it.  It’s nice to know there is a company that at least on the outside, seems to care about the world around it since fellow humans are the buyers of his brand.

I have been drinking coffee since I was maybe around 12.  My dad and I – much to my mother’s disapproval because she told me it would stunt my growth – loved having a cuppa, or cup a’ Joe, first thing in the morning with our eggs and toast.  (Looking over my barely five-foot frame I can’t disagree with her old wife tale.  I am the shortest of my four sisters.  So…?  It might be true?)

I have tried to quit drinking coffee and at times even drank decaffeinated coffee.  But, it’s been really hard breaking the habit and I do love coffee.  There’s just something about the smooth and rich flavor of coffee and I like to add a little cream to my cup.  Yum.  Even the smell is tantalizing.

Anyhoo, please look up that coffee and try it out.  I know they are selling it at Kroger, but it might also be available at Target or Walmart.  I’m not sure.  I know it’s pricey, and so if you like it definitely consider buying on Amazon.  It’s a much better deal.

Here’s to a great day of good coffee and good searching! 🙂








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