My Unabashed Backing of Andrew Yang – the Common Sense Candidate

We all have goals.  We set the goal we will wake up at 7:10 am and go to work.  We have the goal we will enjoy work (haha, I try).  We have the goal that we’ll have a day we don’t mess something up, whether in our relationships or career.  And yet… we miss that goal.  We mess up.turkey

I had a goal last week to write a blog every single day.  It didn’t matter what I was writing about, I just had to stick to writing once a day on my blog.

I wanted to keep my writing spirit alive!  Gumbatte, writing spirit!!!

But, I messed up and missed some days. 😦  I missed my mark.  I missed my goal.

That’s okay.  Because the thing about yesterday’s goal?  They are gone and passed away.  You can’t go back and fix those goals.  But you can move forward.

It’s like the state of our country.  You can’t go back and fix the mistakes and so you have to move forward. #yanggang2020 – “It’s not left, or right, it’s forward!”  (My own little political message and why I like Andrew Yang will follow with little mention of him until the end of the post.)yang_animated

I’m an equalist or egalitarian.  I’m a moderate, or what you would call a centrist in political terms.  I have gone from right to far right, back to liberal, to over-the-top liberal, and now back to moderate and centrist.  I really think the American Constitution is well-written for all ages to move forward in a free country.

Okay, so I seem like a really confused person with all that bouncing around.  I really want to have common sense.  I think what it boils down to is do you have the sense to make a decision that can benefit everybody?

Well yes.  Just make everyone equal and then we judge not on the color of skin, or religion, or gender identity, or sexual orientation, but the quality of character.  I think Martin Luther King said something like that.  I don’t really care if an extremist says something extreme.  I care what I do with that message.  In a free country you also have to realize people have free speech.

Yes, there are stupid people out there who jump on the bandwagon likes it’s selling free tickets to the “best” of this and the “best” of that.  But bandwagons only play a tune you like for so long.

But when you step back and really look at something, is it sensible?  We live in a very populated country of diversity, cultures, and humanity.  In an immensely free country we need the freedom to “be.”  Give me liberty or death.  Liberty means, “the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.”  Death means, “no more choices.”

Freedom.  Its so simple, and yet we make it so complicated.

I am not a feminist.  Some might think that is silly.  I am a feminine being and should be a feminist, right?  But I’m not because I think we should move forward.  At one time, feminism was needed.  It was needed so that we can all have the same rights and vote and be equal.

But you know what?  We are equal now.  There are no laws in this country where I live that state you can not be equal, but there are some non-sensible laws.  And so, maybe there are jerks out there who are biased or racist, but that’s what you get in a really big country: jerks.

Fortunately, you, yes you, don’t have to be a jerk.  You can be a cool person that doesn’t judge a person by shallow parameters, and instead judge them on moral or ethical character.  You don’t have to agree and you can walk away or try to make things better.

There are religious factions in this country that want to make you follow a foreign and ancient text.  That’s actually not legal in this country.  Being a theocracy is illegal.  If someone says they make laws according to a Bible (that wasn’t written here) they are actually trying to usurp our countries authority by instilling their own religious bias.

Even when I was a so-called Christian I knew this basic premise.  It’s because we have a country full of all kinds of people with all kinds of religions, and non-religions.  You can’t run a country on ancient texts from other countries.  Personally, because of liberty, you can live this way with your gathered group of friends.  But you can’t impose this on an entire country.

So, Ten Commandments on the lawn of a federal building – no.  American Constitution written by Americans – yes.

To me it seems simple.  And yet, people always want to place their own beliefs and views on other people.  You can’t do that.  Muslims can’t make us follow Sharia Law.  Christians can’t make us follow the Ten Commandments.  It’s very cut and dry, and yet….

There is really only one law that follow just about any moral group:  don’t hurt others (unless you belong to a crazy religion or ideology that think this is okay).

I had to go to my local Walmart at midnight for an emergency item one night and a cop must have thought I looked suspicious.  So, he followed me all the way from the Walmart parking lot to near my apartment until his lights started flashing.  I don’t speed and I’m always  a cautious driver.  I’ve been driving a really long time.

Anyway, he pulled me over and told me my tire was over a white line on the road at a stop sign a few miles back and that’s why he followed me.  I told him, “After you stop if you can’t see the oncoming traffic you have to pull up, and possibly a tire will go over the white line when you pull forward to make sure no one is coming.  It was very late and dark out, and so I pulled up to make sure there wasn’t a car whizzing past the stop sign.  I didn’t realize there was an actual law against this.  Did I make a rolling stop?”

He said, “No.”

I was bewildered.  I didn’t know there was a law like this on the books about tires being either on or after the white line on the road.

I think he saw how stupid this was, and so he just gave me a warning.

This is a dumb law.  But it’s a law in this country.  Why?

There are  a lot of dumb laws in a country that keeps piling up laws and not removing any.  We have at least over 20,000, but in reality nobody knows how many laws we have.  There is a book by a civil liberties lawyer, Harvey Silverglate, titled Three Felonies a Day, that states we each commit around three felonies each day.  We have so many laws in this country it is staggering… and nobody knows how many laws there are!

Like me just driving down the street and I broke the “tire over the white line” law.

Do you think anyone’s goal is to break the law?  Not for the most part unless you are a career criminal.  In that case, I would question your career goals.

And so, we have a lot of dumb stuff floating around in a country of people that I would hope would be smarter.  That, by the way, is one of the problems Andrew Yang wants to tackle.

That’s why I like Andrew Yang.  And now, I’m going to chat a little about this guy that I like.

He speaks from the heart and he speaks about sensible things.  I don’t see that any more in politicians.  They all just make promises and tickle your ear with what they think their own base wants.  It’s all so… political.   You’d think they were all narcissistic TV show personalities wanting to up their ratings. 

He has a beautiful family too.  Just a nice guy with a sincere smile.  🙂  He reminds me of one of my oldest and dearest friends, who also happens to be one of the wisest men I know.  And that might be why I like Mr. Yang also, I don’t know.

He probably won’t be our next president, but I hope the other ones running who have a chance to win listen to what he has to say because he’s the only one making sense.  Just watch his interview on the Joe Rogan Experience.  I like that JR let him just talk about issues and why he came to the conclusions he came to.   If you ever watch an interview where the person being interviewed is constantly being spoken over, then that’s not a good interview.  And so, I think this was one of the best interviews I’ve seen.

It’s like bad movies.  I don’t just think they’re bad because everyone tells me so (looking at you The Last Jedi).  I actually watch and come to my own conclusions (yes, it was really that bad of a movie).  We should all do that.  Never judge a book by the cover. Always read what’s inside of the book and then come to your own conclusion.

I’ll leave you with the interview that made me jump on the Andrew Yang wagon.   Watch if you like, and don’t if you don’t want to – because that’s freedom.

Have a good day with good searching! 😀










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