What to Write…? and 2 Poems

I was once asked by a friend, “If you’re a writer, why don’t you write every day?”

adorable-angry-animal-208984 (1)
“Why?” is always a good question

That’s a good question.  I am inundated with life and work.  Existence makes me tired.  Does writing in my head count?

I really do love to write.  The issuance of words lumbering and falling out of your mind onto a page is very freeing.  In other words, I need to empty my brain of all these thoughts.

That’s why many people write, I think.  (And, I just wrote that sentence backward.)

I had a goal to write a blog a day.  But then I got sick at the beginning of this week.  It made me squint and not want to look at a computer screen.  It made it difficult to think or write anything down.  I didn’t want to sit at my desk and type, type, type or even sit at my desk and think of anything.  I wanted to lay on my bed with a cloth over my head in the dark and sleep away the pain.

That’s a bummer.

Do you ever have that bad of a migraine, or for me, a toothache from a tooth I’ve had to have removed for over six months?  I keep putting it off because I am both scared of dentists and also scared of dental bills. 😀


Anyway, why am I writing a post about nothing again?  Sometimes it’s all you can write about is “nothing.”  Random thoughts.

But alas, I wanted to write something that might be a bit more interesting and so I’m going to post another poem.  I keep a bunch of poems gathered and written in a file titled, “INTERMISSION POETRY.”  I don’t know why I called it that. Hmm?

Here goes:

Friend Wanted: Inquire Within

If you find this note please read to the end

I’m in search of a person to be a lifelong friend

No skills are required, only friendliness admired

A kind heart and kind soul

Please no rigmarole

I’ve always hated that word

And so,

Please don’t use it in a sentence or a poem

On my end, I’ll be a very good

“Good friend, here!”

I’ll return calls and texts

I’ll send happy and playful emotes

I’ll help you become your best

Because I’m lonely and long for the best

Of another as a friendWinnie_the_Pooh_and_Piglet_Free_PNG_Clip_Art_Image

Oh bother, I’m such a Pooh

Will you be my Piglet?

That would do

That would certainly do


A second poem too?


A Tale of Whimsy

This was a tale I began to write

In my mind it flowed and washed

Like winds and clothes

I would tell this tale off the cuff

Whenever life would get too complicated

Or rough

I’d simply tell a tale so wild and crazy

My mind picks this mode

Or, perhaps I’m just lazy

This is how I wooed the girl I love

When life for her was also

Much too much


I hope you enjoyed these little poems, Blue. 🙂

*Adorable Puppy Alert*

Have a good day of good searching! 😀


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