I Have… a Confession

I watch a soap opera.  Yes, I know people who watch soap operas are “other” people and not you.  That’s true.  Who watches soap operas these days?

Well… I do; of course, I just wrote that a second ago.

General Hospital (ABC) takes place in a make-believe New York city called, Port Charles and is so named because the stories circulate around a hospital setting. GH It has around 2.5 million viewers, mostly female within the ages of 16-49.  It is the longest running American soap opera that is still on the air, having begun its first show on April 1st, 1963 (I was a two-year-old).  Guiding Light was the longest running soap opera (first airing in 1952), but it was cancelled.  In two years barring cancellation, GH will probably beat that record and reign supreme.  (I watch a winner, baby!)

A lot of people watch soap operas.  On IMDB the show itself only has a 6.3 rating.  That rating actually tops the other three soap operas that are around the 5.3-5.7 rating.  Those shows are Young & The Restless (CBS), Bold & The Beautiful (also CBS), and Days of Our Lives (NBC).

(I admit, I used to watch Days back in the day because I had a crush on…

billie and hope
Lisa Rinna with Kristian Alfonso (big hair days)

Lisa Rinna, ‘Billie’.  Hey, she was very hot back then.)

Soap operas, despite being popular, are also not the best critic-wise.  But, that doesn’t stop people from watching them.  Why is that?

They are freaking crazy!  You leave your brain outside if you’re going to watch a soap opera.  It’s just silly and nonsensical fun in the afternoon.  And you get attached to the characters that have been on for decades, or the families.  In General Hospital you have four main families: the Quartermaines (rich family), the Spencers (poor and savvy family), the Corinthos (crime family), and my favorite, the Cassadines (evil and vampiric clan from the old country) who live on an island, and then everyone else.

Each of the families have generations that either become good guys or become bad guys. (If you ask me, most of the people on soap operas are morally or ethically questionable.)

jason haha
I’ve lived and died a few times now, have a twin that lived my life, and am a brain dead killer-for-hire, but I’m still popular

What other shows constantly raise people from the dead?  No one is truly dead on a soap opera.  They will appear a few years later after having been kept in an undisclosed facility by a nefarious group unbeknownst to their loved ones, or having been hidden away for their own protection.  There are doppelgangers everywhere.  Evil twins.  They have baby switch and DNA switch story lines.  The odds that an old friend or lover who happened to have your child 20 years ago happens to just end up in the same town, and then that child will date your now step-son or step-daughter?  Odds are good.  Hit men, mobsters, and murderers that NEVER go to jail because they are a fan-favorite.  False accusations, lies, extortion, murder, kidnapping, drugging, explosions, stabbings, shootings, espionage, prescription tampering, baby-stealing, drunk driving, false imprisonment, assault, and the list goes on.  Basically, the entire cast of the show should have spent some time in jail, but they just walk around getting away with all kinds of shenanigans (a.k.a. crimes).  They are the stars of the show.

carly preg
I’ll see you after the baby switch in a few months

There is no such thing as an easy pregnancy.  That baby will get stolen the moment it pops out of the mom.

(I just want to add: I hate soap opera pregnancies.)

This is soap opera land, and I have to admit I enjoy watching the shows, despite baby-switching story lines.  I don’t know why.  I have been watching soap operas on and off since around 1979.  I’ve watched All My Children (ABC), One Life to Live (ABC) (I was so sad when it was cancelled), Days of Our Lives (NBC), Santa Barbara (NBC), Guiding Light (CBS) and now General Hospital (ABC), at one time or another.  The thing about a soap opera is that you can leave it for years and when you come back to it all the same characters are still there.  Leslie Charleson (Dr. Monica Quartermaine) has been playing this character for 42 years on GH!


Long time to play the same character.

She is actually not one of my favorite characters on this soap.  I’ve actually really enjoyed watching super spy, Anna Devane (played by Finola Hughes) and Maxie Jones (played by Kirsten Storms).  I’ve also always liked Alexis Davis

nancy lee grahn
Nancy Lee Grahn whose character has a problem with dating bad guys

(no, not the mixed martial arts fighter, this one is played by Nancy Lee Grahn) and her daughters, Sam (Kelly Monaco), Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth), and Molly (Haley Pullos), who all have different fathers – two of which are mobsters.

The thing about Alexis is that she is a neurotic and over-protective mom, recovering alcoholic, who once had lung cancer (I think…?) and has committed manslaughter and is a top-notch lawyer.  But, she’s a great mom figure on this show.  I really don’t know why, but I can’t help but love Nancy Lee Grahn (she used to be part of one of my fave couples on Santa Barbara) and her best buddy and fellow lawyer, Diane Miller (wonderfully played by Carolyn Hennessy).  Their banter is the best.

I mainly like her daughter Molly (Haley Pullos), who is honestly the only non-felonious character on this show.  Sam has done questionable things, and Kristina is a mess.  I don’t mind them, but they certainly are not like Molly.

Smart, lovely, and too normal to be on this show

Molly is a rare find on a soap opera because she hasn’t committed any crimes, is educated, dates an upstanding young doctor, and incorporates truthiness to the other characters.  Oddly, she is rarely seen on the show.  Understandable, since she is played as a “normal human being.”  Normal doesn’t go over well on soaps.

And so, let me know if you watch a soap opera.  There are soaps in many countries, and not just the USA.  Soap operas are everywhere.

Don’t feel blue and have a good day with good searching! 😀













3 thoughts on “I Have… a Confession

  1. My favorites were Another World and Guiding Light and after they were cancelled I haven’t been able to really get into any other one. I tried One Life To Live off and on but didn’t care for it much.

    1. Hey Angie, I remember I only watched Guiding Light because of Otalia. (Guilty pleasure, haha) I know that Emme Rylan is on General Hospital now. Did you know that?

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