Don’t Be Blue

It is Pride Month, Junek-22-jj-05744_5

We celebrate with all the colors of the rainbow

A past of riots and injustices

To move past incendiary views

We hope to move forward

We hope to move past the abuse

For no one deserves to be seen as less

And all should be seen with only the best

Of intention and of pride


But let me tell you somethingadorable-animal-breed-374906

Psst, it’s a secret for only you to hear

I’ve especially liked every hue

The rainbow is a perfect emblem

I’ve no complaint, despite how I’m rambling

But every time I think of you

I can’t help but think of the color blue


As summer entersIMG_4338

You’re still not here

I don’t mind red, green, or yellow

I don’t mind orange, violet, or indigo

All the colors remain a reminder

Of who we are, and what we are

Of why we are here, and when we’ll be there

But still I’m blue, because I cannot find you







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