One Year Since She Left…


My little girl, ,Fuzzy,

Our little Fuzzy

was the sweetest and most brilliant dog on earth.  I randomly open up my Facebook page (random and rarely do I go there these days) and saw a post from my son-in-law.  It was one of those “memory” posts from June 24, 2018:  “Remember when this happened a year ago?”

His reply was, “This still hurts me today.”

Yes, it does.  I fell asleep crying in remembrance of that dark day.  This still  hurts because she never seemed old enough to leave.  She was always so vibrant and full of life even at age 16.  But, that time eventually comes.  And she left us.

There it was in writing all over again:

We just lost our Fuzzy.  She’s in a better place. 

Death is a cold reminder that there is always an end game.  Nobody wants to talk about this morbid fact, but its a reality we always face.

And so what do we want to usually talk about?  Life.  How to live a fulfilling life.  How to live a life of love and making this thing called life work.  How to be happy.  How to succeed.

We visit blogs that talk about how to better ourselves and make ourselves feel better.  We want to be comforted and feel there is hope.  We want to be uplifted.

We want to eat healthy, live healthy and be slim and trim and fit.  We work on escaping the inevitable.

But death will visit each door, knock, come in, and make its home there until invited to another.

I have to live for the day.  Epictetus was right. We have to live for the day because tomorrow we might die (my own poor wording).

I guess I was just feeling very down because I was reminded of my little grand-doggy’s passing and it made me once again consider the fragility of life and my own mortality.  But mostly… it just made me miss her.

I miss you Fuzzy.IMG_2560  I miss how much you loved sleeping on my bed.  I miss how you would prance around.  I miss how you slept so soundly and were so cute.  I miss your fluffiness and inquisitiveness.  I miss the way you loved sitting on my lap while driving through a fast food and wanting food that was bad for you.  I miss the way you hugged and gave sweet puppy kisses.


I don’t want to waste days worrying, and yet I do.  I don’t want to waste days working in a dead end job, and yet I do.  I don’t want to waste my free time watching mindless rabble, and yet I do.  I don’t want to waste my life on a lost cause, and yet I do.

We waste a lot of time in life.

And so, you should stop reading here and go live your life (but come back because I need readers, haha).

Have a beautiful day Blue, of goodness and good searching! 🙂








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