Debating Posting This… Night One

My fellow Americans.  Wow… just wow.  Shaking my head.  I sat down and watched two nights of Democratic debates and I have to say… “Wow.”

DISCLAIMER:  This is only my opinion.

I’ve read it was a shit show (forgive my Spanish, hehe), clown car, boring, and technically flawed.  My favorite, Andrew Yang (#LetYangSpeak #yanggang #Yang2020), was sadly not a good show in the second night of the debate, but I’ll get to that on the next post.

I wasn’t sure I would blog about this subject because I don’t like to be political for the most part, and as I’ve written before I am very apathetic regarding the world today and our country and politics.

Let’s face it.  We all want a new president.  Overwhelmingly, even the people who voted for Trump want a new president.  The one we have now is a mistake on all levels, but we put up with this mistake because frankly, what other mistaken choice do we have?

I see the Democrats have learned nothing since Trump was elected, and so I will make a silly post on how silly the two nights of Democratic Debates went…?  But first!  Night One!  Let the silliness begin of unmentionables that will not be President!

First+Debate-Night+1 (1)
Dias Compadres – The Night of Espanol

Look at those faces.  See?  Up there?  None of them make much sense, but they are all running for President.  The only ones who seemed sane were Amy Klobuchar, Tulsi Gabbard and…yeah, none of the rest.

I honestly didn’t know half the people up there.  There was Jay “Pointer” Inslee.  Never heard of him.

Yo, I’ll have what she’s having

He constantly pointed.  He reminded me of the guy who is always trying to get in the last word in a conversation, cuts you off, and then tells bad dad jokes.

He hasn’t got a chance to win.

Every time John Delaney spoke he unintentionally made faces that made me laugh.

Please, please, please let me be President!

He was so hilarious and he was trying so hard to be a centrist, but this night was meant for FAR LEFT politics and so he was shut down most of the time.

And then there was the one who gave the weirdest stalker vibe, Tim Ryan.  It was a contest between Ryan, Delaney, and Booker on who could make the weirdest “wild eyes.”  Why were they all doing that bug-eyed thing?

That’s Tulsi Gabbard responding to what Tim Ryan (a person nobody will remember after this debate) said. She’s another person I hadn’t really noticed existed in this race until the debate.  She had a grey hair randomly on the side of her head?  I really couldn’t stop looking at her grey streak of hair, and wondered why she didn’t dye it a cooler color like blue or something.  Ooh, maybe red, white and blue for the debate.  Now that would have been a bold choice!  Especially since she is ex-military.  SHE WAS IN THE MILITARY!  And, she reminded everyone of that fact every time she spoke.

Tell Tim to stop looking at me!  He’s mesmerized by her random grey streak of hair.  Also voted Best Looking of Night One

The first night dragged out and really Tulsi was the only one I liked.  (I have to admit that now because I saw her interviewed by Kim Iverson and she was really great!)

She also won for Best Looking of Night One.

The rest of the night was a sham and I doubt anyone from the first night will actually be the one chosen on the Democratic party ticket, despite me really liking Tulsi now.

It was just really difficult to watch them one up the other with side issues and identity politics, speaking Spanish poorly, and fighting over things that don’t matter to the American people.  Julian Castro

Julian looked upset most of the night, and Beto looked extremely frightened of everything.

wanted to protect transgender women’s reproductive rights.  Take a moment to think about that.  It might be possible he just worded it incorrectly?

Tulsi Gabbard also spoke with a strange inflection within her sentence.  I have to point this out because it caught me off guard.  It’s like SHE spoke? and THEN she SAID WORDS so oddly…?  HELL-o my name IS TUL-si GAB-barddddd…?  I was in the MILI-tary…!  (But yes, if she wins I’m voting for her.)

Elizabeth Warren

I don’t care, FREE EVERYTHING!  How will you pay for it?  FREE EVERYTHING!

always sounds like female Bernie Sanders and I like her.  I think she would have been an awesome professor in college and would have given me a lot of stars if she were my elementary school English teacher.  She just seems like a sweet grandma, but please don’t let her run this country.  Once she gets started on a tangent her eyes get really wide and you realize grandma might need to calm down a little.  “Here you go grandma.  Want a little chamomile tea?”

Overall, the giant in the room – literal giant – was such a blow hard that I kept muting him when he cut someone off

image (1)
Bill De Blustery, yeesh, stop talking my head hurts, and I know you killed that groundhog

or just started blathering about having a black child, or something or other, or how he hates groundhogs.  I really didn’t care.  The pandering to your small audience did not help and this whole first night was about pandering with no substance.  Nobody cares about him having a black child, except this pandering group of candidates that all were trying to outdo the other on their identity politics.  Bill “De Blustering” De Blasio was so irritating.

Every so often the “All foam and No Beer” woman, Amy Klobuchar,

I wish I had a beer right now

said something slightly good sounding, but overall the entire night was “all foam and no beer” if you ask me, and this is my blog and so…, yeah.

Trump tweeted it was boring, and I – and this is the only time I will type this – agree with him.  That kind of hurt to type.  (I’m crying inside that I typed that.)  This debate was so BORING!

The best “bitch please” face, and probably the most meme-able and memorable was when Cory Booker

Oh man, I have to speak Spanish too?  (practices in his head his Spanish section – and then blows it)

looked over at Beto O’Rourke randomly speaking Spanish (so poorly Mexico began to cry) in his attempt to not answer the question (because Beto was so terrified the entire night), and then he copied and spoke it even worse.   Hahaha,  Cory Booker looked like he was choking out his Espanol and it was painful to watch him try his hand at it.  I spit out my drink.  It was the absolute worst!  Oh please, stop the pandering to what you think is your demographic and just talk over issues for the ENTIRE country!

Stop with the sound bites and let’s hear substance.  Why did they make those weird faces?

I wanted to be behind this debate and feel good about the Democratic party, but there was nothing good about this first debate other than, every one there was actually clearly asked questions and allowed to answer… for the most part.  You didn’t get too much of people cutting the other off and overall, it was moderated slightly more fairly than the second night.  The second night is when you found out MSNBC, the liberal and left-biased station, would promote who they want for President, just like they did in 2016.  Nothing changes.

This has been a big problem for the Democratic party for years now, and it hasn’t stopped.  MSNBC manipulates who they want as reps for the Dem Party as much as Fox manipulates their love for Trump and how he’s basically nearing sainthood.  It’s just sad that you can’t trust media.  And honestly, not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but yeah, they manipulate for their candidate.

Follow the money.  It’s always about the money.  Bill Maher made a good point on a recent interview with Chris Cuomo that, “media is based on bottom line, stockholders, and what will get the most clicks.  That’s media and I don’t really trust the media.”

Government is bought and paid for by rich corporations and people.

So let’s just be honest, it’s not a fair playing field.  It will never be a fair playing field.  I have said I am apathetic.  I am.  Because I know that there is only one force strong enough to topple all the financial backing and all the games played behind the scenes.

Online media by those not bought and paid for by anyone.  You and me.  Us little guys who create content for YouTube, podcasts and blogs.  Even they are obviously skewed by their own political views, but their own honesty is that they are not paid by big corporations.  They are not corrupted by someone in their back pocket.  You watch and you agree with some things and disagree with other things, but it’s refreshing to watch when they conduct an interview.

I watched the first night on and off because frankly… it was very off-putting.  I found myself continually laughing.  No, I do not habla espanol very well, despite being of Hispanic origin.  I find it weird when so many candidates try and speak it poorly.  It just comes off silly.  Stop.  Stop speaking Spanish poorly.  Spanish-speaking people are a very small demographic in this country and so you don’t need to pander.  Speak Mandarin instead.

Anyway, I’ll share my thoughts on the second night of the debates later.  My son said it perfectly, “Sound bites for old people who watch debates and want their ears tickled,” and, “A job interview from MSNBC for who would represent the Dem Party, not the American people,” and, “More like the Miss America Pageant.”

These debates are not about substance or how to help the country or the average American.  They are not meant for us, they are meant for the corporate shills to see who will play their game.

So, good night Blue, and good searching mi amigos! 😉





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