Chaos Abounds! Dem Debates Night Two, and Little More

First off, I want to apologize to those who follow my blog because I am rarely political.  I watched these debates because I wanted to see if anything changed in the Democratic party and see what they had to say.  I also wrote something a little more heartfelt at the end, and I hope you keep reading because I know politics are irksome and boring.

Here goes…. 

Night Two was not as boring as Night One.  Night Two was also the wackiest and most chaotic until this line came from the lips of Sen. Kamala Harris,

I just made it through the first round of my job interview for the Democratic Party’s Presidential nominee, and pretty sure I got the position

“Hey guys, America does not want to witness a food fight, they want to know how they are going to put food on the table!”

To a rousing applause and it was almost timed perfectly and her mic was on full volume. Hmm.

Second night they had a lot of words and little substance, but they had the best of the best in Marianne Williamson.  (I will get to her later, hee.)

And so without further ado, Night Two!


There were the usual forgettable players in this debate, like John Hickenlooper.

Hickenlooper the, “And did you know I’m a scientist?” and Bennet with the creepy lips

He’s a scientist, in case you didn’t know.  He had little to say, but it doesn’t matter because nobody will remember him other than his interesting name, Hickenlooper.

There was Michael Bennet who’s mouth just bugged me.  My son said his lips looked like….  I will not write what he told me as a young man, but it made me laugh and I will not reprint what his lips looked like every time he spoke here, but I began to cringe and look away every time he spoke. I shall leave that to your imagination.  Ugh, he’s so creepy.

download (2)
Blah blah blah blah blah… poopy diapers *rolls eyes*

And then there was the award for the most irritating poster boy for Millennials, Eric Swalwell.   He just said such ludicrous things about guns and diapers and how he’s young and needs the torch passed to him, and he was just irritating to listen to… ugh, be quiet Eric Swalwell.  He is what is bad about SJW’s. He had nothing to say and was like the usual polished young politician.  All sleek and smiling and with no substance.  He tried to attack Mayor Pete and fell way short.

For youth, however, we turned to Mayor Pete Buttigieg with a name that is so easy to make fun of that I will not make fun of it here.  (But it’s tempting.)  I like how he stayed even keeled, actually answered the actual questions to him, and that he looked good and spoke well.  He is also the only one who mentioned religion (ugh) but that’s okay.

What a sweet little kid loved by moms, children and dogs

He is obviously the suit being groomed as the future of the Democratic party.  He is pumped up by every talk show host that leans left and he’s pumped up by every left-leaning media outlet.  He seems like a nice guy and I actually like him when I hear him talk about… nothing.  He is a politician, but one that seems genuine.  Overall, I’m just meh about him.  He’d be an okay running mate to whoever wins.  He’s like the toast without jam, but enhances your morning eggs.  I’d be fine with him as President.

And then we had, and I’m a gay woman, and I must say the group of tonight’s women candidates were the best looking.  Best looking goes to the woman who was probably the winner of the debate, Kamala Harris.  She is absolutely stunning as you can see by this photo from Ebony magazine.

This is a beautiful woman and I am being biased, but… she won the debate

She just sounds great.  I can’t say I agree with how she tore into Joe Biden because it was a little bit too much and she did her job, which was to take out the front runner, but still… she was just too polished?

But yeah, I don’t agree wholeheartedly with everything she said.  But she said it very well and she did show she can decimate a tottering old white man nearing dementia on stage (looks to Trump).

She was an Attorney General of a state and so she is smart and savvy, knows how to win a debate, and she did great, and of course, she had the zingers of the night.  She looks like she could have been on Law and Order.

Anyhoo, then we turn to Kirsten Gillibrand, who I kept calling Kirsten Bell’s mom.  Yes, she would have had to be 14 when she had her, but they do look similar to me.  Compare for yourself.

Is it just me who sees the resemblance? Is it just that they have the same first name?  Am I just thinking all blondes look alike?

I think she said some good things but was just okay through the night.  She talked about a lot of family and women issues, but not much more.  She is a good politician.

There were the two older guys in the debate,

Wait… I’m still relevant…

but let’s talk about poor Joe Biden who had his worse night, and had the worst closing statement because he just kept going down hill from the moment he mentioned he was going to win on Obama’s coattails, and Obamacare is the best thing (it isn’t), and just kept going with that and then fizzled after being decimated by Kamala Harris, until he just had nothing else to say.  And it was sad to watch him go down in flames, but he did.  He just had nothing left and as he said, “I’m past my time,” and he was.  RIP Joe Biden.  You lost the debate and probably lost your chance at being president.

Now, Bernie Sanders is great at yelling.

Is my mic on?  Oh, doesn’t matter…

He doesn’t need a mic and he is still so passionate.  I love Bernie and I wanted him four years ago, but was forced to vote for Hillary, and more than likely we’ll have another “Hillary” establishment type forced on us again (Kamala Harris?) and nothing will change because it is obvious after these two nights MSNBC and the Democratic party want who “they” want and it doesn’t matter who has the best policies or what’s best for the country, or human beings in general.

When it came to why this night was so fun it’s because of this lady, Marianne Williamson.

“Yo girl, I will win with love.”

Oh wow, she was a hoot and a half, and actually made some good points on immigration and the mistreatment in the “privately” run detention centers.  She was just fun to have in the debate and I wish she would have spoken more because she livened up the place.

She talked about love and rainbows and all the beauty of life and she is 66-years-old?!?!?!?!

Like I wrote, this night had the best looking women.  She stood by my guy, Andrew Yang, who over the two debates had the least amount of speaking time and was basically snubbed by MSNBC.  Marianne Williamson was also saying her mic was turned off at times, but it didn’t matter.  She went on to be the most searched and most talked about the day after the debates, and so she stood out.

I am hopeful Andrew Yang will do better in the following debates, and I know he is the only candidate who has a well-thought out plan on how to fix the country.

download (1)
I actually have some good ideas

He has more policies and talks about fixing problems.  He had a horrible closing statement in the debate.  He went the way of the politician with a sound bite and it was cringe-worthy.  I really hope he watches the debate and figures out what needs to be done to help him in the next debates, but until then I hope he continues to get the UBI message out there and the fact automation is going to change the way the world runs within the next 10-20 years.  We need a forward-thinking candidate.

We also need a younger candidate than these choices here:


I know we are to respect age and all, but this country needs to move forward and I’m guessing these guys don’t understand the technology, automation, and world today the way a person who is in their 30s, 40s and 50s might understand.

We are dealing with a president, at the moment, who shows signs of dementia and its obvious when you hear him talk that he is just too old and his mind is going (possibly left the building).  We need to have age limits, and I’m not an ageist, but I have worked with elderly and despite them having great seeds of wisdom and moments of clarity, why would I want them in charge of an entire country?  I would want them as an adviser or someone to give me some sage advice, but not in control of an army or country.  They are okay in the realm of multiple voices like in a senate or congress, but this is the Commander in Chief of a country.  Think about that.

Trump is the oldest president we’ve ever had and he tweets like an angry old man.  He’s fun if he’s your grandpa making silly comments at the dinner table, but this isn’t your grandpa sitting in the living room.  This is supposedly a sitting president.

We need to move forward.  We are no longer living in the 20th century and its time to realize we are in the 21st century and so we need 21st century solutions to problems that got us here.  It’s not about being a socialist or capitalist – that’s old school thinking and frankly its just dumb.

How do we live in the world today?  How do we move forward in the world of today, not yesterday?  Why do we keep sending young men and women to these unwinnable wars to just die?  What are they dying for?  Immigration dealt with humanely and the realization immigrants are not our enemy.  Climate change is a real thing, people!  How do we make a living wage when we need two jobs to exist?

I am hopeful I got my second job this week, and that is sad.  Why do I need a second job to live?  But in this world today I do need a second job.  We can no longer live on a work week of 40 hours and more like 60 hours.  That is just sad and pathetic.  Nobody should work so much they are working away their time for family, self, and living life.

Think about that.  Just… think.  When you watch these silly debates and these silly shows and you need to sit back and think, “What’s happening here?”

Please have a good day Blue and good searching my friends! 🙂








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