Dem Debates Were… but Wait #LetYangSpeak

(Quietly ponders my existence.)

DISCLAIMER: This is only my opinion.

Boy… oh boi.

First off, I want to chat a little about my common sense candidate, Andrew Yang…

Yo, I’m here too!

Andrew “#yanggang” Yang, what happened to you?!  You looked like a little kid with no tie and standing there like you walked in after a flight and realized suddenly you were on a debate stage.  “How’d I get here?” You “buh-buh’d” your first question, but in all honesty let’s look over how he was asked the first question.

The questioner was very hostile and belittling.  He spoke in a mocking tone, “How you going to get your silly little UBI of over 3.2 trillion dollars, huh, huh, Mr. Yang?”

You mean the Freedom Dividend from a value-added-tax (VAT) which in reality is a whole lot cheaper because it is taken from existing expenditures on actual products, and is overall cheaper than free college, free medicare, free lunches, free everything for everyone and higher taxes on just about everyone in the country?  We spend trillions on the military industrial complex and waste millions on programs that don’t work.  We have all these big companies that don’t pay taxes on their product, and what we do is actually get them to pay taxes.  It is very sensible, and yes it means a trickle-up economy which is more workable for the average American than the trickle-down crap that we’ve endured for four decades and what have us in this predicament of a bloated government, obscene abuse from corporate greed, and corruption at every level.

(MSNBC, you’re just another corporate shill and we don’t want your candidate who will inevitably lose to Trump just like your fave Hillary did.)

Please watch Yang explain how that works in detail here:

Yang was caught off guard and I am pretty sure after listening to everyone else being asked questions and them finally coming to him it surprised him, “Oh, you finally asked me something?”  *blink blink*

And then the second question they asked him was about… China?  Hmm, can I just throw my race card out there right now?

(Chinese race card lies on the ground and gets kicked because it has no clout like the other race card – which, let’s face it – was also played.)

Yang was only asked two questions the ENTIRE two hour debate.  He was also asked ZERO questions in the second half by MSNBC’s golden boy and oddly combed-over Chuck Todd.

Yes, Yang was treated very unfairly and it was obvious the Dem Party Powers-That-Be did not want him to have any chance at speaking.  His mic was lowered or turned off, and so was Marianne Williamson’s, but even if that didn’t happen, let’s just look at what happened.  Again, Yang was only asked two questions in the first half and ZERO after that.

Kim Iversen made a good point on him being Asian which is worth watching at her channel.  But this video down here, click at around 9:27 to listen what she said about Yang.  She makes sense.  (I totally disagreed with her assessment on Cory Booker, but overall she made some good points.)

Honestly, I’m okay with him not wearing a tie.  At the beginning of this blog I was playing on the silliness of those who found him not wearing a tie a problem.  Making a man wear a tie is like forcing a woman to wear pantyhose, heels, and a dress.  Both should not be forced on people.  Neck ties are very constricting and uncomfortable.  Marianne Williamson and Elizabeth Warren wore slacks and comfortable shoes because they get it.

So yeah, that’s my Andrew Yang rant and now on with the Democratic Debate Night Two.

Eh, I’m tired and so I will post on that next time.  Be sure to tune in. 😉

Have a good day Blue, and good searching! 😀





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