Contemplating My Existence, My… Life

Do you remember when there were a few popular books titled, The Purpose Driven Life, The Untethered Soul, and The Secret, and other books that tell you how to live “successfully?”  Or, how to DO this thing called life.

I’ve only read one of those books, The Untethered Soul, and would highly recommend it.

The others I have glimpsed at, but not really paid attention to because I’ve always been more of a plow through life mindlessly with no foresight or hindsight, kind of like a monkey let loose in a department store.  You end up with a monkey wearing a hat, make-up shoddily applied, and possibly trying to figure out how to tie a tie.

I really needed this second job and was really positive and excited I would get it and then I get the email, “We are pursuing other candidates for this position…” and then I just read but didn’t pay much attention to the rest of the words they always write to politely tell you, “We just don’t want to hire you.”

But I am qualified for the position.

obama smirk
But it’s true Barack! “Sure Val.. sure you are.”

I would have been a good employee.  I am a good writer.  I think I am fairly intelligent.  I was a straight A student when I attended college.  I actually have good attendance because I am never sick.  I also have an excellent work ethic because I don’t miss work because I decide randomly to take a day off just cause I feel like it.  I’m responsible.

I did do a name search on my name and there was a random site called MyLife that said I have a criminal background.  A WHAT?!?!?!  A WHAAAAAAAAATTTTTT?!?!?!?!  Okay, so I did get a traffic ticket back around April 2015 one time.  Hmm.

I clicked and realized they had a bunch of information about someone that is not me, but they had my name and address.

spiderman 2
What the… what?

They said I was close friends with criminals that I’ve never met.  It was surreal.  Who are all these people they said I frequently hang out with?  Two close friends of mine spent quite a bit of time in prison, according this site.  Say what?  I didn’t know any of these felonious characters.  What the what?!?!?!

I tried to find out how to change the info and tell them that wasn’t the right person with my name, but to do this they tell you pay them around $10 and then you can change what they have.  Pay them to change their false information?

Extortion.   That is called extortion.  I realized this site was dealing in extortion and they are the first site that pops up when you do a search on your name.  The site titled MyLife.  I started to search this site and found out some information on said site from various other places.  Consumer Affairs is one where many reviews have comments similar to my story.

Obviously, they post lies and false information mixed in with some truth, which makes you want to change the information, but you can’t change the false information unless you pay them a fee.  There are sites that will tell you its easy to remove your information at no fee, but I followed the process and they never removed my information.  Its still there.  So, possibly if any site says it’s easy to get your information removed with no fee, they are probably a MyLife shill and being paid by the site to say this.  Be wary.

A little something about the owner of this site.  He has had a few lawsuits filed against him with his first site, classmates, having to settle out of court for 9.5 million dollars.

It’s all here in writing – legit.  

This new site, MyLife, has had two lawsuits, and their accreditation was removed from BBB and they went from a B- score to a solid F.  That’s right, this site has a solid F rating on BBB.  That also tells you something about the validity of their information.  They are best known for taking people’s credit card information and then consistently charging them for months that they never approve of being charged for, and also charging after they’ve cancelled their subscription.

Basically, its a scam, and you will find a lot of these background search sites are a scam and will place some truth with false information on you, and so beware when you do a search on your name.  It might be you, and also someone kind of like you, or with partially your name, but not actually you.

Now, did this false information kill my chances at getting a job?  I have been looking for a second job for over eight months now and each eventually send me this letter, “we are pursuing other candidates…” and so…?

I honestly have come to a place where I don’t care.  I just don’t think its worth my time in the grand scheme of things.  We live in a world with instant access to everything.  Once you have your name on a site, it’s there.  You are now open for everyone to view and come to conclusions on who you are.  Unfortunately, this is great news for stalkers.  Not so fortunately, for regular schmo’s and Joe’s.  If you have a Facebook account, or Twitter, or Instagram, or Pinterest, or… the list goes on.  You are now open season for viewers that will come to their own conclusion as to who you are.

I’m okay with that.  The people I care to have know me will know me.  Hopefully, like those books up there suggest, I learn to know myself.

I’ve been working with the same company on and off for over eight years and I keep going back to work with them because they are a well known retailer and I love my co-workers.  It’s just I need more hours and higher pay to live.  Thus, I need a second job.

So, I will keep looking.

It’s just a downer.

And I was sad.

When I got that email I was very sad.

And I may… have cried a bit.


But I know I need to go on like poor hair cuts until they grow out and realizing you left the coffee maker on before you left for work and hope to god your place doesn’t burn down in six hours.

But yeah.. choices to do this thing called life is a daily activity.

So, stay healthy, learn to live well with the person that matters – you, and with those you love.

Have a good night Blue with good searching! 🙂









2 thoughts on “Contemplating My Existence, My… Life

  1. The right thing will come along when the time is right. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. I’ve been with the same retail company since 1999 (off and on) and it’s hard to find another job here as well. Good luck! And stay positive 🙂

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