Post Due Poetry

Hey all out there and reading this!  I’m about to post another poem from my Intermission Poetry collection.  I owed this one to Blue.

Across the Sea

My girl she left me once again

We had been dating longer than any other one

We saw and we heard worlds outside

The Aquarium was when I first laid eyes

On the beauty within, her beauty inside

Worlds were words for her

I’d write poetry on the go

Just to please her at the moment

Just to hope she’d never go6E54B108-4180-4D11-8E28-47983C7A972F

But alas, she left and there was nothing I could do

Our countries are not the same

Our language was foreign upon one another’s plane

Of our own birth and citizenship

One and the other, looked upon the other in disdain

And so, she left me

Here to be alone

Only to see her beauty

Through the lens of this beast at home

We are always out of reach

Always on the other side

Of these worlds that never collide, nor coincide

Nor, even understand people have no lines

There is nothing drawn in land or sea

Love knows no barriers

And so, my love left me

Because these worlds and I do not agree



Enjoy your day and night, with good searching! 😀 


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