Clean Up on Aisle 10

I work in a retail setting.  And let me just say… “people are slobs.”

I’m comfy here

Yes, I said it right off the bat.  And I will stick by that.  Just walk into a department store restroom and look at the mess they leave.  (I’ll tell you later a little story about that situation.)

I actually enjoy my job for the most part.  I really don’t mind helping customers (unless that rare rude person walks up) and I don’t mind walking all over the store to find exactly what they’re looking for.  Its why I am there.  So, that’s fine.

I love my co-workers and my bosses.  I have a really fun environment, despite them recently adding all these extra demands to up sales. advertisement-advertising-bargain-2529787 I am not a salesperson.  I tried that and learned I am very bad at selling.

In reality, I’m kind of an introvert. Psst, don’t let anyone know, ‘kay?

I’m quiet and I have to talk on the walkies and I have a problem with stuttering that I have worked hard to overcome, but when I ‘m “on” and have to talk to other people realizing a whole lot of people (like every other worker in the store) is listening I get quiet and begin to stutter.

smirking Six Million Dollar man

Its very embarrassing, but I just hope no one notices.

(But I am positive they do because I sometimes catch people looking over at me side-eyed and snickering.  That’s cool, I would laugh at myself.)


I am seriously not a loser; I just act like one.  Yeesh!

Okay, onto my story…

A man pulled me aside, and as if he was embarrassed for the person who did this, said, “Someone defecated all over the restroom stalls and floor.”


Oh wow


So gross 

He said it so seriously.  As if, the poop would rise and invade the entire store if someone didn’t clean it up pronto.

“Oh wow, I’m so sorry it was a mess in there.  Someone will clean that up right away,” I say with a smile and stalwart, and let him know I would never let the poop get past those bathroom doors and he went off happily assured.

He accepted my answer and went off to shop.

I am still smiling largely.

And then…

I have to clean that…?

Yes, I’m at the front and should do something about that, but I do not want to do something about that and so I asked around.  “Do I need to clean that up?”  “It’s in the men’s restroom, shouldn’t a guy clean it up?”  “I’ve never cleaned a bathroom before.”  “Me no speaka da English.”

I did not want to clean up that bathroom.

I look down the list of my jobs for the front lanes:  one of those is “clean up bathrooms.”

I am a mess.  I have this strange OCD that kicks up and why I left CNA work because the messes of body fluids and fecal matter began to really get to me.  I admit that here.  It just really started to get to me.  So deep down inside I’m kind of freaking out.  I can feel my insides start shaking and I got this sharp pain behind my ears and the store starts to spin.

I am about to get sick all over the floor of the front lanes in thought of having to face the unruly poop.

I am so nervous.

I have to clean up all that mess.

I’m falling apart and hoping no one sees me falling apart at the front of the store.

But lo and behold our trusty “guy” was there and he said, “Oh yeah, I’ll clean it up.”

And he did just that and so I was freaking out for no reason.

Yeesh.  I’m such a dworb.

I was elated and went on to finish out my day with my usual retail worker smile.

So the next day they asked me to cover the fitting room and I said, “Sure.”

…just need to grab a few more things

I forgot how many people try on clothes.  Wow, so many clothes.  Walking in and out and trying on 10, 20, 50 outfits and so on.  They were actually pretty polite for the most part, except that one woman who just thought she should throw everything ALL OVER THE FITTING ROOM!  I don’t know why people do that.

For the most part they bring the clothes back out for me to put up.

One lady was extremely polite and actually re-hung everything perfectly.  I mean, “Give that gal a job here!”  She was really thoughtful.

And so, I do a lot of stuff at my job and I know I need another job but I really don’t want to work in retail, but I still do and I wonder if the reason is because there are so many stories to write.

So maybe this is a continuation…?  Do I need a cliffhanger?

Oh yes, I was standing by a man at the front lanes and he bought a drink and then ever-so-slightly pocketed a pack of M&M’s right in front of me.

Ssh, you didn’t see a thing

Uh, what do I do?

He looked really rich too and just smiled.  He popped open his drink and took a swig, and then smiled and told me to have a nice night and walked out the doors.

But then I questioned if I saw what I saw.  He did it so nonchalantly and efficiently.  He was so good at stealing.  But did he steal something?  Maybe it just looked like he pocketed the M&M’s.

I’m not supposed to tackle him and tell him to give me back that 89 cents pack of M&M’s.

He was gone and I honestly thought, well at least he bought the drink.

That was just strange.  I even went and looked over the receipt and it showed he had purchased a drink but no M&M’s.  And so he “might” have stolen some…? But again, maybe I was seeing things…?


But yeah, working in retail is both fun and trying, and people are slobs, but sometimes people pleasantly surprise you.

Have a good day Blue with good searching! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Clean Up on Aisle 10

  1. The poop thing happened at the place I work today as well :O Men’s washroom. It was all over the stalls and the walls and the floor! We recently had someone leave a little “gift” in the change rooms. Last month there was large chunks leading from the checkouts to the front door (no one understands how that one happened).
    You are right, people are slobs. Slobs in putting it nicely.

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