Poetry, Potter, and 90’s Nostalgia

I bet you all thought I meant “Harry Potter” with that title, eh?  I’m anciently old school. Beatrix Potter was my favorite writer, and favorite Potter, while growing up.

Peter Rabbit
12 book set on Amazon

This set which I found on Amazon, with 12 books, I actually used to own and lost it with all my moving in the last year.  I was probably the most disheartened when I lost my Beatrix Potter books.

I had wanted the 23 book set, but that one is a little pricier, but still a good deal on Amazon.

peter rabbit 2
23 Book set sold on Amazon

I have to admit, as I got older and had my children my daughter really loved Roald Dahl.  And so I began reading Roald Dahl books to her and she began reading them to me.  My daughter is still an avid reader and probably reads a book every other day.

The, The BFG, I enjoyed but I think her favorite was Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  My son loved the James and the Giant Peach movie, which was done so well.

Again, on Amazon

He would watch that movie every day.  Now as an adult man he told me he actually had a crush on the spider.

I might buy this set on Amazon

Just a side note:  Speaking of spiders, we had a pet spider that lived in the corner of our apartment for a few months and then one day disappeared (or died – still not sure) and we had named her Isadora.  I never harm indoor corner spiders because they keep down the bug population.  We still miss Isadora.  RIP Izzy.

Another great influence, for me, was when I read a little book called, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass.

There are many versions

It was such a fantastically interesting book that Lewis Carroll made a statement about wanting to escape from the every day to a whimsical and fantastical world.  It was relatable.

I had read this book a few times when I was young.  The Queen of Hearts scared me but I still loved the book.

And then who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh?

I would get all the editions on Amazon

I used to have a little stuffed Piglet and carried him everywhere.  Out of all the toys I had when I was little, Piglet was my favorite and used to hope I would have a friend like Piglet.  He loved Pooh no matter what dumb things he did, or how much trouble he accumulated.

They were inseparable.  A. A. Milne had such a whimsical style of writing with so many nuggets of truthiness.

On with the 90’s…

I have to admit, I didn’t mind indulging my kids in their love of books, TV shows, or movies.  To this day I have no idea about popular music from the 90’s because I was busy watching children shows and movies.  It did make me love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sailor Moon and the original X-Men cartoon.

That iconic song from X-Men still plays in my head whenever I need an action theme playing in the background of my life.

Okay, let’s add the Sailor Moon theme.  The American version that came out was not as good as the Japanese version, but this is the one that my daughter grew up watching on TV in the 90’s

For the Japanese version we can add this here.

Like I said, I think it’s a better theme, but the nice part of the American version is that they name the five main sailor scouts.  The Japanese version only shows the first three sailor scouts, but I think is overall better vocals and a better arrangement.

I’m sure you all care. 😀  I can be such a nerd.

Okay, okay, I’ll add the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme.  Why not?  It’s catchy, “Heroes in the half shell, Turtle Power!”

Are you overwhelmed with the quality of music from the 90’s?

When you think about it the 90’s had a wealth of great cartoon theme songs and shows, like Batman: The Animated Series and Dexter’s Labratory, Freakazoid, The Animaniacs, The Rugrats, Doug, and the list goes on.  It would take a long list to name them all.  (Please feel free to name your favorites in the comment section below.)

But what about PBS… you say?

Barney the Dinosaur and Wishbone shows were a staple ingredient to calming your child down.  Or not.  We also loved Reading Rainbow and Arthur.  Now Arthur, wow, we still watch that today.  Who doesn’t love Arthur?

I’m a dog among giant bunnies, aardvarks and monkeys
Arthur pre-make-up

He was an aardvark who had a pet dog.  Think about that.  Have you ever seen the size of aardvarks and dogs in real life?  Hmm…  Okay, don’t think too hard.

My son also loved a certain VHS show that he would watch over and over and over again.  I’m not sure why.  He was totally addicted to this little known British show called… no, not Thomas the Tank Engine, despite him loving that one too, but it was called… Fireman Sam.

Another catchy theme song, and if you like here’s a glimpse of an original episode with it’s stop-motion animation (maybe you can watch later).

The stop-motion might have been what was so endearing, like the old Rankin-Bass Christmas shows and movies.  That bit of nostalgia might be why he loved this show so much, I’m not sure.  It did have a cat.  A show with a cat always causing mischief…?  Who doesn’t love cats?

He had the original VHS and like many things through moving was lost.  It’s very rare to find an original Fireman Sam because it’s been overshadowed by the new FS show (CGI, unlike the original stop-motion).   Nobody really likes the new Fireman Sam… just saying.  (So, when you have a moment take a gander at the original show I posted.)

All this adds up to…

Another poem from my Intermission Poetry collection.

Young Writer at Heart

An old woman sits alone

Reading words mixed

With drawings and art

Turning every page

To see what happens next

What character will appear?

What will happen at the end of this arc?

Will love triumph in the end?

Will they be foe or friend?

Comics and manga

Dr. Seuss and A. A. Milne

Beatrix Potter and Roald Dahl

Never getting enough of them all

Stories for the young

Young in age and young in heart

Then books filled with words

Stories told with art

This world of comics and manga

And stories and art

To read and love it all

And then want to add your part


I will either write a review on my thoughts of the new Mulan live action movie teaser trailer, and the general “change all the Disney animated movies from the 90’s to live action movies in the new millennium because we haven’t got any original ideas” Disney company of today.  Or, I will write on Eiichiro Oda’s fantastic and most original manga series and TV animation, One Piece, which just passed its 20th anniversary.  

Please let me know in the comments if you have a preference.

And as always, please have a beautiful and fantastic day with good searching! 🙂

Hi Blue! 😀





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