Misunderstanding, 2nd for Sunday

It’s a pleasant Sunday afternoon.  I love to sit in my small loft and watch the sky through the window.  I can see if it will be cloudy, rainy, or a sunny day at a glance.  I’m eating some eggs and toast with my coffee.  Pleasant.

This isn’t Texas… (Photo by Ria Patel from Pexels)

I was hopeful to post something more substantial today, but I realized I’m on a tight schedule and this relaxation will come to an end.

But its so nice to enjoy these moments of quiet and internal retrospect.  Meditation?  I’m not very good at meditating, but I think its a worthy endeavor and something I want to get better at doing.

There is a lot going on in every life, and there is usually a lot to think about.  With living comes mistakes and misunderstandings.  And so, another from my Intermission Poetry collection on this Sunday….


Sometimes a word can mean more than is heard

Our bodies give away a silenced verb

To be or not to be

To this or to that

Our language is more than our poor tongues lack

I know you and you know me

Knowledge of self and knowledge of else

Whatever did you mean?

Interpretation is left to the one who is bereft

Of ideas and patience

And so, interactions become

Conflicting and rancor

Throw the baby out with the anchor

And it never slows, on this ocean unmoored

It only grows and grows, crashing at the bow

Until it never ends until the white flag is thrown

And even then… we wonder if it will ever end

Are we forever encumbered by what makes us proud?


Have a good night Blue, and good searching! 😉

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