At 30 and Counting

I reached 30 followers on this blog and… that’s a thing!

Woooooooo Val!  30 is more than zero!

Woo! 😀  I am so happy.  When I get to 100 I’m going to actually get up from my chair and do a jig.  But yes, I am thankful I have people that read what I write.  It’s pretty cool.

And now I must figure out how to rule the world.  (Decides to not laugh maniacally in my apartment.)

Oh, here’s a poem and… that’s a thing too. 😀  From my Intermission Poetry collection peeps.  Woo!

The Self

Do you ever just laugh at your Self?

I do quite often

And then, I remember who I am

And the laughter sometimes turns to crying

Am I living or dying?

That’s always a good question

Ponder that a moment

Are you living?

Or, are you dying?

We are all headed toward the inevitable

Self is a creature that never leaves us alone

Self is who you are at any given moment

Some say that is a false construct

Some want to give it all power

Some would prefer to die to Self

And others want to give over

Enjoying all life has to offer


Have a good night Blue, and a good day of good searching! 🙂

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