Saturday Poetry

I just realized I’m a bit of a pessimist.

Woke up singing “Here comes the sun!”  But then… this happened


Try and Find a Fit

Things are not always as they seem

One acts kind, but in their heart is mean

One acts cruel, but in their heart is sadness

One looks beautiful, and one looks hideous

One is not always so obvious

And so how does one know

When the clothing worn on the outside

Does not match the stitching on the inside of the cloak?

You must try on each garment

And then, see which one fits


Where does this lead?   (Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels)



Multiple endings are how you spend your life

Whether with lovers, or friends, or wives,

Ending becomes the beginning of another

Another lover, friend, or wife

For you to practice, regret and contrite

For you to practice, how to get this right

But you won’t



And so it goes, on this Saturday that I wanted to add some poetry from my Intermission Poetry.

Have a good night Blue with sweet dreams! 🙂

Good day and good searching! 😀

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