The In-Between World

I, unfortunately, spent too much time this morning watching political commentary.   I think its silly.  I don’t mean the commentary is necessarily silly, but the fact we are still talking of all the same things all the time.  (History 101:  Leaders will repeat themselves consistently.)

You know the saying, “We live in a vacuum?”

(Thinks to self: I wish I knew how to photoshop a little person inside that canister.)

Or, maybe it’s, “I live in a vacuum,” or, “you live in a vacuum?”  Actually, scrub that.  Who the hell lives in vacuums these days?  It would probably kill you eventually if you actually like made a little home in a vacuum cleaner, not to mention it would be really cramped and dirty.

Is that showing my vacuum intolerance?

The reason I wrote all that was one, I had no idea what to write.  And two, this is a set up of how silly things can be.

Oh yes, and here’s a poem:

The In-Between World

Further inspection,

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

it takes one to see

A little deeper, and then multiply by three

If you come up with the total, and the sum of all things

And then you divide, what is a life

In incremental segments denied, and then

Realized by the passing of time, but not the passing

Of wise, and dominant source

You then come to the end, of the world in-between

Living amongst the reprobate lean, and not quite seeing

A more comfortable mean, but only a more comfortable

Seen, but not what is seen

Do you know what I mean?

Then let me speak more plainly, so perhaps

For all of the saps and all of the lack-less

The inferior tactless and superior axis

Of power and disease, of pretty poor pleaseadventure-aerial-beautiful-351448

And may I, yes of course just go on your way

There is nothing to see here today, but maybe

Yesterday, yes, yesterday life was so much easier than

Is this plagiarism, if I quote a fair use verse

From a song long ago, that was sung by John?

I’m not really sure, but I’ve just written a verse

Of nothingness, and worse

I’ve tried to pass it off as something, when you all came here

For nothing, and yet what did you find?

A person speaking in rhymes, and that will get you every time

So, read along, and then be along

Your way, beautiful-branches-country-983988and hopefully by the end

Not too far off, did you stray?

Because we all live in-between, what is here

And what is unseen


Okay, and so a word about what you just read.  That is not a poem of any coherent thought.  It’s called a bunch of words strung together because I hadn’t any thoughts left in my head today.  Like I said, I spent the morning watching political commentary.

Have a good day of good searching! 😀

Goodnight Grace! 😉 (Hah, surprise ending!)





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