The Winners & the Rest from 2nd Debates

Yes, I watched the second round of Democratic Debates moderated much better, but still with questionable questions from CNN.  Questions like, “Why would you be able to beat Joe Biden?”  “Do you like Kamala’s hair?”  Okay, so one of those questions was not asked.


But honestly, I really had to ponder whether I wanted to blog about this right now with what happened in El Paso yesterday, or Gilroy a week ago.  It is just so sad and it just keeps happening.  Mindless shootings with guns readily available, and motivated by hate toward others.  What should we do?  How do we move forward?  It’s just sad and heartbreaking.  He even killed a two-year-old child.  No words.  How can someone do that?


And so…,

I am still going to post on this because something has to change.

The Debates

This is what I learned after having to sit through nearly six plus hours watching people answer questions with little time – 30 seconds to a minute.  Joe Biden had the most talk time and Andrew Yang, once again, had the least.

This is the thing:  Andrew Yang said the most in the little time that he had.  He and Marianne Williamson were the only ones who didn’t get attacked, nor did they attack the other candidates.  Elizabeth Warren was professorial and direct, and always had a plan, and Bernie Sanders has never changed in his sincerity and fight for the little guy.

They even tried to pick on his mannerisms and failed miserably.  Bernie is still Bernie and that’s what I appreciate about him.

What follows will be my feelings on what I watched. 

I did some research on their financial backing (why I like Bernie and Yang so much), and then I am unabashedly a #yanggang #yang2020 follower and promoter.  He is the ONLY candidate talking about the real issues and not just talking points and political sound bites.  He understands we need to move forward in our views of GDP, human worth, health care, and automation.  He is a breath of fresh air in this stagnant mire of politics.

If that’s cool with you, here is my take on the two recent nights of debates.

The Winner, Andrew Yang

If you haven’t watched any of Mr. Yang’s one-on-one videos on YouTube he is everywhere and the most searched candidate on YouTube.  He has real ideas with practical solutions and he is really funny.  He impressed Anderson Cooper, and Van Jones even joined his Yang Gang.  Watch below:

Everyone else just said the same old political spiel.

There are A LOT of politicians up there!

Also Winners?

If I was being objective, I’d say the first night went to Elizabeth Warren (best zingers against Delaney), Bernie Sanders (best zingers against Hickenlooper and Tim Ryan), and Michelle Williamson (best zingers against all of them).  The second night went to Andrew Yang (had the most new Twitter followers and Twitter action), and Tulsi Gabbard (who was the most Googled candidate across the whole U.S.).

And there were the ones who irritated me the most, and then the phoniest, and then the ones that I felt sorry for, and then the “why are they running for president?” ones.

They had all the talking points poised and spoke their rehearsed lines.  Andrew Yang with the best closing statement which spoke to how I felt after watching two nights of debates.

Thank you, Mr. Yang.  It was a commentary on the talking heads, the political farce, and what we should be talking about realistically, instead of the same old political statements that sound good in sound bites.

Money Makes the World Go Round

First, I want to share a little something about money.  Only Bernie Sanders, Michelle Williamson, and Andrew Yang do not get money from PACs.  In fact, Andrew Yang’s average donor gives only around $17, less than Bernie’s.  Ms. Williamson is just rich and so she pays herself.

Elizabeth Warren does get some money from the education industry, and the rest donors and private donors.  And then Bernie does get a little money from the unions.

Basically, many have banking industry, Wall Street, Hollywood, media, insurance industry, and large corporations backing them up, except Jay Inslee who has a special climate change PAC group.

But he reminded me of Democratic version of Rick Perry during the Republican debacle of 2016.  Glasses do not make you smarter.  (And is it just me, or does his voice sound like Tab Hunter?)  He just sounded like a befuddled old dad.

Irritating Young Politicians and Those that are just… ugh 

And then you had young guys that were irritating.  I cringed every time Cory Booker (comes off extremely pompous), Julian Castro (comes off pompous too) and Beto O’Rourke (always seems out of place and scared to be on stage) spoke.  They are practiced politicians.  Same old same ole.  Beto does sound the most sincere, and I will give him that.

They just say the same political talking points and seem so insincere.

Yes, Bernie does have to yell Tim.  Nothing gets through to you cause you are not very bright.


The worst, however, was Tim Ryan.  Why is he there?  All his money is from large corporations.  He’s just a corporate shill.

I did enjoy when he was knocked down a few pegs by Bernie, “I wrote the damn bill, punk!”  Okay, I added the “punk” in there.

Most meme-worthy has got to be John Delaney.  Coincidence?  I think not.

He is a Republican and I can’t figure out why he is running as a Democrat.  He hasn’t got any new ideas and he’s a wealthy guy that thinks we all have the same opportunities his dad had in the 60’s as a union worker with a pension (psst, pensions don’t really exist anymore except for the very rich).  No really, Delaney, wake up.  The economy has changed and we need to move forward.

As Bernie pointed out, he has the health insurance industry in his pocket.  And as Elizabeth Warren stated, “if you just want to say what ‘we can’t do’ then why are you running for president?”  He added nothing to the debate and he was the biggest loser from the first round, next to Tim Ryan.

The Ones Who Were Just… There

John Hickenlooper, Michael Bennet, Bill de Blasio (groundhog killer), Amy Klobuchar, and Steve Bullock (where did he come from?).

They brought nothing to the discussion and every time they spoke I wanted to mute, but I had to listen to them speak despite how irritating their voices were when they did speak.  I would hate to have to work or live with any of these people.

Am I being too judgy?

The Front Runners Who Stumbled

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden bit it big time on stage.  Joe Biden continued to show his age in how he stumbled through his words, and Kamala Harris couldn’t fight her record as DA.


They are actually friends, I think

Creepy-eyed Cory Booker went after poor Uncle Joe (but he held his own better than last time) and Tulsi Gabbard took down Kamala (I saw flames).

Look here young lady…

Afterward, Kamala Harris couldn’t stop trying to hit at Tulsi below the belt with absurd comments and saying, “I’m better than you, neener, neener, neener.”  Most would simply let it pass.  Its a debate.  But because Tulsi shared Kamala’s record as DA of California and it was true, it hit Kamala Harris hard.  Right then, I knew this is a lady who played dirty politics and lost all interest in Kamala Harris.  Goodbye Ms. Harris.

Joe Biden continued to rest on the laurels of Obama.  That’s nice.  Obama (which everyone seemed to suddenly be against on that stage – which was wonky) was an okay president (some would say great), but Joe needs to make his own way now.  He still is not and he is also backed by big money Democratic PACS and the insurance industry.  No wonder he wants to keep the failed Obamacare (that is ensconced in big money insurance companies) in place.  Goodbye VP Biden.

Tulsi Gabbard

She is a surfer, war veteran, and Hawaiian.  She is a fan fiction warrior princess waiting to be written.  I would love a Yang/Tulsi ticket, but I know that probably won’t happen.

Tulsi takes on Kamala
Boom baby!


But his take on domestic issues, and her take on foreign issues, are how we should be moving forward.

She does sound like a politician, but there is something about her sincerity every time she speaks about our endless regime change wars.  If she doesn’t win for president, she needs to be in a position where she changes our foreign policy, or possibly fixes our lack of a foreign policy.  She needs to makes the next debates along with Williamson and Yang (who pretty much has).

Sad, Sad Failed Attempts

Kirsten Gillibrand and many others I already mentioned like Delaney, de Blasio, Ryan, and so on (mostly, ones that put me to sleep).  But it was hard to watch someone fail as miserably as Kirsten (Bell’s mom) Gillibrand when she went after Joe Biden and spoke on why she best represents racial issues.

kirsten-gillibrand talking about being white
I am a white woman.

It was hard to watch and ridiculous.  She wanted to be Kamala Harris, but she just wasn’t a good enough prosecutor and so lost her case.  Goodbye Ms. Gillibrand.


You are a privileged white woman and you try to come off like you care, but you just seem fake.  She, by the way, gets most of her backing from Wall Street.  Hillary 2.0?

Oh Yeah, Lordy, Lordy Those Guys!

Pete Buttigieg is still a thing, and Marianne Williamson is still fun.

I really don’t mind Mayor Pete.

It’s not past my bed time yet… and late night talk show hosts love me


He speaks well and is the only one who speaks to the religious types.  Williamson is a spiritual guru.

And so, they are the religious candidates?  He’s the youngest candidate and she’s probably one of the most popular before running for president.

I thought Marianne Williamson did slightly better than Mayor Pete on night one of the second debates.

marianne williamson
Hmm…wonder where he got all that money…?

She told everyone to stop fighting amongst themselves.  And she was right about a few things, but not on other things.  I just think she brings a breath of fresh air on the canvas.

But you know what?  Mayor Pete has the most money because of a secret PAC he started before he ran for President.  This money no one knows where it came from, but he has three times more money than the others.  That just seems a little questionable to me.  I don’t like politicians who just seem TOO slick, you know?  He seems to be the new darling among the Democratic elite, and that bugs me too.

The Sweetest Tag Team

Okay, I have a soft spot for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

I was for Bernie in the last run for president, but he got shafted by the DNC, and then Warren was the first candidate I got behind when I heard she was running.

Bernie and Elizabeth july 1

Since then, I have been listening and reading policies and realized I preferred the message of Andrew Yang and how he has an actual, physical, mathematical plan to enact this policy.  Its not a fallacy and its not a hope.  It is realistic and doable.

My Ending Thoughts On All of This

My dream debate would actually not be a debate.  I don’t think Democrats should be debating.  We know, overwhelmingly, trickle down has taken down our country.  It’s time for trickle up economics.

Nobody feels our country is better or great again. Only Andrew Yang touched on life expectancy having gone down in the last three years (this hasn’t happened since the Spanish flu epidemic 100 years ago), and how mental illness, suicide, depression and anxiety has risen.

This is not a good sign for such a so-called prosperous country.

I want to watch a sit down, round table, discussion of ideas from those who have plans and care about the future of our country… and ultimately, our world and what we leave for our children.

I wish they would simply have a discussion with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard, and possibly Marianne Williamson, with Bill Maher, maybe Anderson Cooper, and Joe Rogan moderating.

I’m through with the politics and want to know how we are going to fix the mess Trump is making as he plows through the country with his narcissistic disregard for humanity and Americans – all Americans, not just his fan base.  This is a show he’s running to stroke his ego.

No one with an ounce of decency can sincerely say he is good for our country.  His disapproval rating is higher than his approval rating, and its pretty much been that way since he became president.  Nobody really wants him fumbling through the country, making threats about using nuclear weapons over Twitter, and making comments at the age level of a pre-teen toward other people.  He has obvious signs of dementia, and has a borderline personality disorder.

So, we know he needs to leave office.  That’s a given.  He is the reality TV show president that media loves because he brings in ratings, but reality TV is not the same as realistic life and living.  We need to grow up past our past-time entertainment.

But the one who replaces him needs to make a difference in a positive way.  We are now 20 years into the new millennium and all these politicians have not woken up to the fact we are in a new age of the world.  We need to start moving forward and stop living in the past of what worked way back when.

“Way back when,” is way back there, so why are we trying to stay there?

We are entering 2020 and so we need 2020 ideas.   The most comprehensive list of ideas are at Andrew Yang’s website.

Let’s move forward

He is way past the politics and frankly, I am tired of politics.

I told you I was unabashedly for him. 😉

Please visit and consider donating.

I would like to leave you with a few others I’d like to see stay on that stage like Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and spiritual guru Marianne Williamson.  I would prefer a discussion, rather than a debate, but I know I can’t always get what I want.

Please have a goodnight BP with sweet dreams, and I hope you all have good searching! 🙂






















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