Woo, Happiness is… These Dreams?

What makes you happy peeps?

Sunshine Bench (photo by Pixaby)


I have been thinking a lot about this subject lately.  Yes, it’s because of another piece of content writing, but I picked this one to write because I have been searching for what makes me happy a lot these days.

I have been rethinking my life.  I think I’ll add a poem from Intermission Poetry.  It’s a bit long.

Last Night

Last night was a love, or dandelion


I broke it, and threw it out the window

But the window broke,

Since I’d forgot to open it

To my surprise, the broken glass

Disappeared and changed into

A dandelion too

(photo by Nita)

It had multiplied, and so I broke those piece by piece

Threw them out

Not sure, but looked like they fell,

Pappus released

I lifted a glass, it broke

And all the contents spilled out

They flowed in rivulets along the soil


Unbeknownst to me, I had been watering

A willow tree?

It spread out and then slowly drooped, as if

Crying out, “Let me shade you!”

“Okay, I’m good with that.”

And then I went, I left

Walked out the door and didn’t look back

The willow sat there, shading

Caring and cascading

(Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels)

Along the sill


The world outside was no longer bright

Every bit of light was covered, he’d grown so bushy

So fat and rotund

The willow was a monster with a thickened trunk

As soon as I got back, it was still quite dark

Months turned to days, and days turned to night

Another year had passed

And I’d never realized because

My eyes were closed, the entire time

I ran into my room

Laid on my bed

Caressed my head in a pillow unwashed

Surprise ending?  It was a dream all along?  (Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels)

And then smiled as I cried because

Despite last night, it was all just a dream

I’m tired, and spent, and so,

I left to explore, outside the darkened door

I didn’t look back

Those silly dreams don’t last



Sometimes I’ll start writing and something nonsensical comes out.  Its after I tweak it with some sensical – sensible?  Oh my goodness.  Why is that a word?  Nonsensical.  It’s not sensible.  Should it be nonsensible?  Shouldn’t nonsensical have an antonym like sensical?  Odd.

I’m being weird.  I know.  I hope you liked the poem.

These Dreams

Dreams are always so strange.  I’ve been having some weird dreams lately.  Which reminds me of a favorite song of mine.  I’m never quite sure which Heart song I like the most.  I’m tossed with Barracuda, Alone (Nancy also plays piano), and the guitar at the beginning of Crazy For You is one of my all-time favorite intro’s.  And then there is this one.  Okay, I have to post Crazy for You because that intro is just so awesome, and as a guitarist I can truly appreciate it.


I’m back to posting corny 80’s videos.  😀  This reminds me.  Heart will be in Dallas on Aug. 23rd at Dos Equiis Pavilion.  I would love to see them.

Crazy For You with an extended intro by Nancy Wilson, 1977.


Please have a good day with good searching! 🙂  Goodnight BP




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