Time to Listen to Normal People

Let me say, there are a lot of politicians – yes, professional politicians – trying to make you think after Trump you need to settle on a lifetime politician like Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders.

Now, I would prefer Bernie over old Joe.  The reason being:  when I watch Uncle Joe after working with elderly, I see he is nearing that threshold of losing his faculties to make important decisions.  He seems like a good man who has worked for the people his entire life, but he cannot be trusted to run a country.  We are doing a disservice to ourselves if we waste our vote and time on him, who has no ideas and would prefer we do the same old thing.  He actually thinks the insurance heavy Obamacare is still a great idea.  No, it overwhelmingly is not.

Then we have Bernie.  He is sharp.  I watched him recently on Joe Rogan Experience and he is still the same honest guy he’s always been.

He is right.  We need a single-payer system.  We just do.  He understands health care better than anyone else out there.  And he is motivated by the same motivation he has always had: us the people of the country. BUT his ideas on how to pay for all the free stuff is based on antiquated ideas and making use of the corporate gods and stock market we still have today.

Again, not much that’s new.  And then you have a BUNCH of slick and polished politicians running who say all the same sound bites.  I will not say all of them have only political aspirations and have no sincerity or heart, but they sound like professional politicians who continue to act on the political stage.  It’s so I watch and just think, “Wow, actors.  Some are good at acting, and some not so good.”

Joe didn’t even want to run for President until he thought he was needed because of what Trump was doing to our country.

sleepy joe
Goodnight Joe

“But Joe, there are better candidates and you can rest now.”

It’s time for Joe Biden to leave the race.  He is not the answer to Trump or moving forward.

The problem with Trump is not the fact he was an incompetent buffoon with no political, social, or government experience.  Yes, that is part of the problem, but not the entirety.  He has done some interesting and good things… I think?  But his narcissism and lack of understanding, empathy, and relating to normal human beings is why he is so unqualified.

He wanted to be President.  Not help our country or the people of this country.  That is the reality.  Unless you live under a rock and have seen something he just has never shown in his entire life as a privileged billionaire kid, who only had money because of his daddy, then I am missing something.  But I am pretty positive (like 100%) that he has worked for little to nothing in his life.

He passed a great tax break, for ONLY wealthy corporations.  I know it didn’t trickle down to me.  He continues to call anyone and everyone who is an immigrant an infestation.  It is pathetic.  He went to Daytona after the shootings and used the visit as an opportunity to make a promotional video for his run for President.  Who would do that?

What does that leave you with?  (Well, it left me with outrage, but I won’t go into that right now.)

We need a new way of thinking.  Automation is here.  We are living at the cusp (in fact, 10 years past) of the fourth Industrial Revolution (I think that’s what it’s called, but I have to leave and I’ll have to check on this later).  This loss of jobs in the swing states and places overtaken with automation is what Andrew calls the Great Displacement.  This reason, not immigrants, is why people lost jobs.  And this is why Trump won by those states alone.

We are in the greatest revolution of our time in the way our world is changing.  This is where Andrew Yang comes into the picture and what he has to say.  Even if he is not the President, what he says is the only applicable commentary on how we move forward as a country who places humanity first.  What Andrew Yang calls, “Human Capitalism.”

Now, there are a lot of elderly people (including the current guy) running for president.  I have nothing against elderly people.  I love Bernie and Elizabeth Warren.  They have great ideas.  But the way they want to pay with these ideas are short on actual, workable solutions to move forward.

And that’s what we need to think about – Forward.

I’ve been reading (basically, listening on Audiobooks) Andrew Yang’s book, The War on Normal People.

It is WORTH listening to, and buying and reading.  I will eventually buy this book, but right now I am thankful it is being placed on YouTube to listen to right now.  Thanks to Stewart Breed who placed it there.

In fact, listening to him has affected how Tulsi Gabbard and Marianne Williamson have started to think about how to help this country.  Even Joe, has been asking Andrew Yang to explain his ideas more fully.  (Because I am a cynic, I think it’s because he wants to take his ideas. But that’s me. Joe, after all, is a politician.)

And that’s what this is about:  NOW.

Let me share some tweets and let you think over this Sh**.


This was Andrew Yang on @theh3podcast August 7th.  It is still trending on YouTube along with the Bernie Sanders interview.  They are saying what we need to hear.

Andrew Yang was great on JRE, which turned me onto him, but what is nice about this interview is Ethan Klein asks him really hard questions – playing devil’s advocate if you will.  Andrew kept his composure and answered with a realistic calm and understanding of the situation, and so much heart.  I actually teared up around their discussion on the recent shootings because Hila Klein, a new mom, discussed how this affected her.

He’s probably the smartest guy running for President right now.  And, we seriously need a smart guy to move this country forward.

I am serious when I tell you that you need to listen to him speak.  He’s not in it to stroke his ego.  He is a real guy who has kids and realized he needed to do something.  Climate change. Automation. For-profit prisons and detention centers. Foreign Policy. Health care. Mental illness. Reasonable gun laws. Immigration Reform.

I realized I needed to help wake people up and so I’m posting this blog.  #Yang2020, #yanggang, #MATH, and any other hashtags I can promote.

We need to wake up and realize change doesn’t happen with inaction.  It doesn’t happen with apathy, despite that seeming like the best option many times.

Change is when we realize this: thanks to Mr. Peter Finch in the movie Network:

Amazingly, this is as viable, if not more, applicable today.   Do any of you remember this movie?  I do.  Nothing has changed.

Well let’s decide on change.yang  Let’s move forward.  It’s not left, nor right, but forward.

I hope you please just check out what Andrew Yang has to say and read up on his policies.

And as always, have a great day BP with good searching! 😀


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