Sunday Morning Baby!

[An Important Life-Altering Question Will Follow.]  <– envision blinking neon lights

Sometimes I sit at my computer and look at the screen and mumble in an incoherent group of sounds.  I’m still waking up, the coffee smells great in the kitchen next to me, and I’m half asleep typing this blog.  But then I hear a song from like… 2009, and place it here and think… yeah, that’s a cool song.  Time to wake up.

I don’t remember this song.  I mean seriously, do any of you remember this song?  This video has like 159 million VIEWS ?!?!?!

Wow.  I seriously don’t remember this song.

I really like this kitten picture

I’m pretty sure I was under that rock again.

On that note, I have a question for those who follow my blog:  Which type of posts do you prefer I place here?



3.Humor-filled life happenstance stories


5.Pop culture

I am trying to streamline my blog to a more coherent theme.  I know I’ve been pretty random lately.

Also, do any of you monetize your blog?  Is it working?  Are you impoverished hack writers like me?  Poor poets?  Wannabee singer/songwriters?  Please let me know in the comments below because I will definitely follow your blog if you comment.

That might have come across “beggy.”  I am honestly just curious about what you all do in this blogosphere, and I do want to improve my post content.

So thank you so much if you read this, and… do you like my kitten picture as much as I do?

Adios, and have a fantastic Sunday with awesome searching! 🙂  Goodnight Blue! 😀



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