Enough – A Poem

I’ve been working on two posts this last week.  I worry one is too controversial, and the other not fleshy and fatty enough.

spiderman 5 emma

And so, then I recalled I had written a poem last week during my break at work.  This is an intermission period of my life and so why not an Intermission Poem?

And so, here it is, a bit of Intermission Poetry.


Am I enough?

The moment you wake

Until the moment you dream

Am I enough?

Were your when, only then

You ever felt complete?

I see the tear hanging on the edge

Of despair, and of regret


Am I enough?

When a void grows ever larger

Like bridges before you leap

Photo by Phil from Pexels

The parapet

Of the castle we built

Around our love

Around ourselves, despite

All else


Am I enough?

This night across the screen

A year has passedabandoned-argument-beautiful-50592

A quiet scream, unrest

Is all that’s left between

Our us, and this and thus

When will we have complete?

And will it ever be



Are we… enough?

Good night BP and good searching! 🙂

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