What to Write on a Sunday Night?

How about a song?  I am usually listening to oldies from around the 1970’s because that’s when I was young and for some reason whatever you listened to as a teenager seems to be the stuff stuck in your head.

During my college years I listened to 80’s music and so, that is my second favorite decade of music, along with 60’s bossa nova and standards by Frank Sinatra.

But there is a song right now that plays on the radio and it is stuck in my head because I really like it a lot.

Have you all heard this song?

Camila Cabello also did a song called, Havana, that was also stuck in my head.  Now, I’m not a big fan of auto-tuned vocals, but I can appreciate a catchy tune.  So, please enjoy this one.

Have a good day of searching and fun mi amigos! 🙂

Te amo Senorita Azul! ❤

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