Dunch and Bill Gates

I just finished watching a three episode docu-series-kinda-thing on Netflix called, Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates. I was told to watch it by Grace and she nudged (nagged) me toward watching this show.  I finally succumbed and watched.

Wow, it was really good!  I ended up binging all three episodes and for the last two, Josh walked in and he watched it with me.  It was that good.  I was surprised.bill gates

It was very enlightening, entertaining, and I’m a total Bill Gates (and Melinda Gates) fan now.  The guy is using his brain and money for good instead of evil (from what I surmised).  Unfortunately, the energy of the future and progress was stopped by none other than… duh duh duh, our idiot orange man in the oval office.  Sigh.

No, there was no overt political statement made in the film.  It wasn’t anti-Trump or anti-Republican, nor did it take any political stance whatsoever, or anything like that.  Bill Gates never commented on political parties in the film.

My conclusion by the third episode, is that we can not stifle progress and technology by antiquated isolationist propaganda.

(Photo by Valentin Antonucci from Pexels)

The world is too big and our problems are global in nature and scope.  What we do affects others, and vice versa.  We need to learn to work together.  (And no, that doesn’t mean starting wars in other countries constantly.)

I also concluded: Bill eats like me.  His favorite food is a hamburger and mine is a cheeseburger.  He drinks too much coffee.  Hey, so do I!  He never eats breakfast and prefers to eat later.  I took that as meaning his main meal of the day is like me: dunch, and sometimes linner.

What?  You never heard of dunch and linner?

Say what?  The most important meal of the day… DUNCH?!

Dunch, it’s what all people who wake up, do stuff while drinking coffee, too busy writing or reading and time flies, and then forget to eat until around 2 o’clock or so, do.  By that time, you start making a meal to eat around three or four.  That’s called dunch.  It is actually in the urban dictionary, and comes after linner.  Now, linner comes before dunch.

According to the urban dictionary it’s like this:

lunch -> linner -> dunch -> dinner

Dunch also has a few other etymologies, like hitting a ball out of a craggy lie in golf, and also punching someone or knocking them with your elbow, but for the most part we use it to mean a meal or snack around three to four.  Linner, of course, is a meal around two’ish.

And so, I guess I sometimes eat linner instead of dunch?

My conclusion?

I need to listen to Grace’s suggestions more often, and you should all watch this show cause it’s pretty good and I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it’s a very good docu-series.  I’d give it a 8/10 if I was giving it a rating.

I’m also going to keep drinking coffee as my breakfast.breakfast-cafe-caffeine-1477851  I mean, if it works for Bill Gates, why not, right?  And maybe I’ll drive through a burger place and pick up some dunch.  Yeah, that sounds good.

Oh crud, I just realized it’s 5 o’clock and I still haven’t eaten anything.  I guess I’ll settle for an ordinary late night dinner tonight.  Is that called a munch?  No, midnight + dinner would make it a minner?

Yes, I think I’ll have a minner tonight.



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