I Forgot to Title This Post

Thoughts to Where Now

Today I watched the landscape drain

Rain in torrents fell like chimes

(Photo by Lucas Pezeta from Pexels)

In monastery-like mindless rhymes

My thoughts were searching for an answer


When life was never so routine

Or never, regrets and hopeful on the scene

The debt piles up and new bills are accrued

And sometimes you wonder, why I never finished school?

Was my academic wanderlust a momentary fool?

Was my need to move on really my one rule?ancient-angkor-wat-antique-1531677

Looking back on the days when life was at ease

Who did you really mean to be?

Or, really mean to please?

A soul can’t be reasoned with

Or, talked out of the trees

It prefers to lie in wait and leap

When awoken by a dream

And so, do you really know where your thoughts would like to go?

Sometimes they bounce off the pavement of sedentary growth

It’s only thenbackground-dawn-daylight-2272357

In quietness and when

You wake up and realize

Thoughts will take you where you want to know

But rarely do they pay your living in the now


Please have a wonderful day of searching my friends. 🙂

Goodnight Grace. 🙂 ❤ 

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