A Mocking-Tale of Caution

We are at a critical point in history.  I watched a show the other day and realized that we are truly in this critical state.  Bill Gates had a fantastic development to use nuclear power in a safe manner and found a use for all the radioactive waste.

nuclear waste three
One of hundreds of places, and not all underground

(We have tons of very dangerous radioactive waste that will live for 1,000 years, by the way, and nowhere to put it.)

It was a win-win situation for once.  It’s what Andrew Yang, Elon Musk and many forward thinkers know we need to do to move forward – clean energy.  George Lucas touched upon this in his Star Wars trilogy and many science fiction writers and thinkers have realized clean nuclear fusion is the way to move forward.

Clean energy.  Oil and coal and all those ways we poison our environment could finally be thrown aside where they belong.

Yes, clean energy.

But, money and greed won out.

And so, we are here.

I watched a bunch of kids in the streets protesting the lack of initiative – to put it lightly – in our leaders to address climate change in a realistic way.climate change

What is wrong with adults?  Instead of saying, “Maybe there is a problem because so many young people are passionately concerned.”  They mock them.

Really?  Is that how you handle something or someone you don’t understand?

Privileged and wealthy people are irritating to me because I’ve worked for quite a few elderly wealthy people.

They really don’t get the pain around them.  One woman said, “Why don’t you just go see the doctor?”

Well, because I don’t have an extra $200 or $800 to see a doctor.  I can’t afford insurance.  I can’t even afford my rent.

Mocking eye roll.  That’s what I get.  You silly poor people.  Just work more hours.  Get another job.  People LOVE to work so they feel needed.

Really?  I feel needed in so many ways other than work.  I also feel happy enjoying leisure time with those I love, or creating content about things I love.

Money and power is all that guide so many in this world.  I can drive down a street and see the forlorn looks in others.  At my job, they are there staring outward to dreams and a life they thought they would have had, and walking like zombies simply existing for the next meal.

There is a man I see every day walking to work as I drive to my job, or maybe he’s walking from work; I’m not sure.  He is very thin and looks so worn out.  He is walking and I think of crumpled paper in the wastebasket, discarded and left, the sun having leathered his skin.

(Photo by Chinmay Singh from Pexels)

My guess is that he just works a lot, but still can’t afford a car.  I have a few friends like that who ride the bus or train everywhere because they can’t afford to buy a car.  Cars are very expensive these days.

It makes me want to cry when I look into the eyes of the forlorn.

I see women with crying babies out buying diapers and formula in the middle of the night because it was the only time they were free to shop.  They are working 40 to 60 hours a week and then have to come home and take care of their children.  There is no one to watch their babies once day care hours are through and that’s when they shop.

And these are not just single moms.  I see haggard mom’s and dad’s out together at night with the kids because they have spent the day at work.

There was an angry woman in my line complaining about the crying children.  She happened to be elderly and white and the young woman with children was black.  Upset they were out with their crying babies.  How dare they shop so late at night?  It bothered her having to listen to crying children.  She was just very bent out of shape by the noise, and went on and on, growing more and more angry and agitated.

I don’t want to think it’s racist, but the way she looked at the black woman and her baby crying in utter disgust makes me think that maybe she was a bit racist.

This, oddly enough, happened to me a few times this week and the story was similar.

I have a new co-worker that was mocking the accent of a dear elderly co-worker that came here from the Philippines when she was a young girl, married and has worked with the company I work with for over 25 years.  She is such a sweet little lady, and this new co-worker was mocking her accent.

She looked to me, as if I was a compatriot in her mocking, rolling her eyes and then laughing, and went on with the poorly executed fake accent in mocking.

I wanted to pop her in the face.

We mock and laugh at those things we don’t understand, and I wonder if others would even care to understand.

I was at the Daily Kos.  I was there to vote in their straw poll for Andrew Yang.  But today I actually scrolled down to read the comments by all these people talking over who they are voting for and their reasoning.

They vote for gender, or race, or ethnicity, or representation.

The only comments I read that had substantive and actual relational reasoning were those voting for Andrew Yang.  They were trying to be polite, but these other voters were always mocking us who vote for Andrew Yang.  I wondered why people mock him so much?


The comments were mocking Yang voters as not real.  Just kids playing.  Andrew Yang overwhelmingly was commented by those voting for another as a candidate to mock and those who vote for him were mock-worthy, as well.

Just as they mocked him in the debates because they don’t believe a smart Asian man is worth listening to and hearing what he has to say.

I am reading his book, The War on Normal People, by the way, and it is worth reading.  He is a man with workable ideas that deal with the reality of our situation in the new millennium.  This isn’t a game to him.

But the thing is those who support Andrew Yang have concluded this from a long and arduous thought process and because they read his 150 policies.  He simply… makes sense.  He did the MATH for us.  A UBI is simply the way of the future, as well as his myriad other policies.  Martin Luther King Jr. was very passionate about UBI being the way of the future.

To take the boot of the oppressive off the necks of the poor and oppressed.  To give some of the wealth gained from our hard work back to the people who have earned it.  This is what shareholders in companies get and we are most definitely share holders in this country.

Yang voters are not silly kids playing politics.  I’m reading his book, The War on Normal People, and I start to cry.  I cry because I know the reality in this book will fall on deaf ears.  Marianne Williamson months ago spoke with Yang and realized how much truth and sanity was in his book after she read it.  She praised his insight and knew UBI with a human-centered capitalism was the answer.  It always boils down to how we respect and treat one another.

We are in a crucial point in history.  The DNC will get this one wrong.  We can seriously not have another four years of Trump.  He is killing our country.  He is killing our farmers in Iowa with his personal vendetta against China.  The person they are overwhelmingly going to place opposite him on the ticket, Elizabeth Warren, will lose.  I am saying that here and now.  She will lose even worse than Hillary in 2016.

She will lose along with the rest of us as Trump continues to destroy our country.  He will destroy any new energy developments.  He will continue to allow the wealthy to succeed and the rest of us to drown in the mire of this lopsided economy.  He will continue to push inhumane treatment at our southern border and we will turn a blind eye on human beings going through suffering in our own new holocaust against people of color.  Punitive legislation will win over because of how lucrative the penal system has become for private prisons and detention centers.  We will continue to move further and further back in time, as he strips away any progress developed through the years.

And the climate will continue to deteriorate because he mocks climate change.

Women’s health issues will continue to be decided by old white men that place their godliness above God.

He will start a war for oil.  He will get more of our young men and women killed for no reason other than playing the political game and continue to feed our giant military complex.  His only goal to stroke his ego and nothing else matters.

They approved two big bills in Trump’s presidency:  One gave a large tax break to corporations and the other gave a bloated budget to the military complex.  Elizabeth Warren, by the way, approved of this bill and Bernie Sanders did not.

Money will continue to make the world go round, and not humanity and progress.

The elderly will die as they lead our country into destruction and what they will leave is nothing for the youth.

climate one
Oh, I certainly hope not

When are we going to start thinking harder?

I told my son, Andrew Yang answers questions the way Jesus used to answer questions.  He always chooses mercy, kindness and forgiveness over vindictiveness and punitive comeuppance.  He’s so odd in that way.  Everyone seems so out for blood on both the right and the left.  Van Jones told him, “You have a really beautiful soul.”  He was right.

People who seem honorable when they meet him are blown away by his sincerity and kindness.

A savior?  Maybe that’s what we need right now.

Someone to upset the status quo and tell the truth for once.  Someone who acknowledges we’re at a crucial time in the world.  Someone who looks to the future with concern for the present pain of others.

A human outlook.

Humanity First, sounded like a trite slogan when I first heard it.  I was a staunch Bernie supporter and then an Elizabeth Warren supporter, until I heard Andrew Yang speak on a three-hour interview.

Humanity First is a bit specist, really.  What about the dogs and cats?

Yes, what about us?  Forget the cats

But really, if not placing the humanity in your worldview then when do you think over humanity?

No, Andrew Yang is not Jesus or some Jesus incarnate.  That’s silly.  I’m not calling him a savior in the Biblical term.  I am saying he is the only one speaking about solving problems that we need solved right now.  In that respect, yes a savior.

He’s a person who gives us the straight answer on what is really happening and then addresses what is happening in a realistic solution, always with the concern of how it affects others.  He’s a dad and thinks over every problem with, “how will this affect my kids?”

The problem solver.

Reality is this:  we are screwed.  Financially. Environmentally. Legally. Civically.  We are screwed and we have a screwed up Commander-in-Chief.  We really do need to think harder.

Have a good day of searching and sleep well Grace. 🙂


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