Finally Fall & Importing Japanese Urushi

The weather has been so wonky.  Ninety degree days when it’s supposed to be fall.  Last week it was still hitting 100.

But yesterday?  Ooh yes, it felt like fall.  For the first time.  At around 72 degrees, with a crisp breeze it actually felt fall’ish.

Thank you all (the few) that read this blog.  I’ve been getting followers slowly but surely and it’s nice.  I think I’m at around 50 followers, and so that is very nice.

I also have more followers on Twitter, but that’s mainly because of my #YangGang love. #MATH #Yang2020 and all the other hashtags.

Also wanted to share this:  Beautiful_Japan

I have a Bonanza booth, Beautiful_Japan, to sell imported Japanese urushi, #Urushi, and so this is why I write about Japanese lacquerware and the ancient art of Urushi every so often.

Grace worked for this place, and now has a lot of Urushi available to her for import.  It’s beautiful and well crafted by artisans that have worked in urushi from generation to generation in the northern Japanese prefecture of Ishikawa.  I believe they call it, Yamanaka Shikki.

Gifts for the holidays:

Rice and soup bowls.  I think these are adorable.
urushi phones.png
iPhone covers from iPhone 6 and up to iPhone X.  I have so many more styles like waves and Mt. Fuji and also a beautiful Geisha that are not here.
urushi shima cups
Beautiful and extremely durable Shi-ma cups for beer, single and double shot size for whiskey, or any cold drink.  The cups don’t compensate.  I mean, you put ice in these and they don’t get all wet on the side!  These are my favorites.

Beautiful pens with Swarovski crystal and nibs made in Germany.

Sake cups that give an illusion of rabbit in the moon when sake is in the cup.  These are super cute!

And beautiful bowls both of Wajima nuri sakura (cherry tree wood) that has over 50 layers of lacquer and will live for over a 100 years, or the more natural wood bowls.

There is even edible gold for those who bake or cook with gold for the holiday treats.

Yum, I can eat gold!

So, lot’s of nice stuff at my booth.

I know, you weren’t expecting an advertisement.  And, I really hate advertising but there are two reasons I am posting this:

  1. I think these are absolutely lovely – BEAUTIFUL –  and I love all things from Japan.  When I watch videos on the artisans and craftsmanship and the months they painstakingly take to make one piece of art with Urushi I am in awe.  There is just something about Japanese craftsmanship that I respect greatly.  (I’ll place a video at the end for you to watch a small documentary on how they make the urushi.)
  2. And, this is something near and dear to Grace and I want her to be happy that others will fall in love with the beauty of Urushi.  They really do make one-of-a-kind gifts because no two pieces are ever alike.

I would use those Shi-ma cups for myself.  In fact, I’m keeping the shot glasses

urushi shima shot cup
The photos do not do the beauty of the glass justice.

for my whiskey.  *evil laugh*


“When you hold urushi in your hand, you are holding an art piece.”

I hope you visit the site.  I’ll just keep placing more stuff on the site as I add to the collection she sends me.  I take requests and will look into getting you whatever you would like.

As I wrote on the site, please enjoy this beautiful art of Japan.

Please have a good day of searching! 🙂

Goodnight Grace 🙂 ❤

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