Working Too Much? A Must See Yangmilton Video at the End



I got another job.  I’m so happy I got this job because now I can work around 50 hours or more a week, and have less time for family, friends, self, writing, and various other things I love to do.

Yes, I am being sarcastic.

obama smirk
Oh Val… paleeese

People will say that I should be thankful I have a job.  I am thankful I have a job.  It came at the time I was pretty desperate for another job.  So, thank you universe for supplying me with a job.

I really hate being a sourpuss or ungrateful.  It’s just………… I feel I am always working.

People will say (among older people, for the most part) that I should love working and being kept busy.  I mean, its not like I have anything better, or more fulfilling, or more enjoyable to do, right?housewife too

Feeding my soul?  Spending time with the ones I love? Writing?  Playing my guitar?  Composing?  Reading?  Letting my brain rest because it’s old and needs to work for a few more decades…?

How crazy is that?

Overall, I know my tone is one of sarcasm.  It could be that I’ve been in a lot of pain lately because of all these hours on my feet and walking here, there, and just about everywhere.  I have plantar fasciitis and it’s kicked up horribly again and maybe the pain has put me in a sour mood.  (By the way, does anyone know a good pair of shoes and inserts to wear for plantar fasciitis?)

Just enjoying this pavement

I am sorry if I seem too negative and sarcastic.


I think those reading will agree with me that life to make ends meet can be stressful and tough.

Unless you make a whole lot of money, or have a second income, or you just got lucky and won some lottery (possibly even have a sugar daddy or mommy) and you don’t have to worry about paying bills, you will realize life is freaking hard.  Perhaps, you are just gliding through life happily blissful, and possibly ignorant.  Maybe you really are the optimist we all secretly hate.

It’s a harsh world out there and stress levels are crazy these days.

And so, I know I should be happy I work too much, but I… work too much too.

I think this is what you call a conundrum.

Reality is Important

[My comma button on my comp just stopped working.  Wild.  I guess I reached my comma limit.]

[Ah okay, it’s working again.  That was so strange.]

In the United States we work a lot according to the numbers.  There are other countries – a few poorer nations – that work more.  But overall, when it comes to the wealthier countries we are number one in overworking our employees and the general population.

Its no wonder we are considering socialism and other forms of government.  People are feeling stressed and overworked.  Anything is better than what we have right now!  The rich get richer and more and more join the ranks of the poor with little effort.

Work for the government – you’ll love it!  We can pay you to just get by and you only need to work all the time… for the government.  Sound good?

Bernie Sanders is speaking to the working class.  That’s what I’ve heard.


But I’m the working class and I still haven’t given up on the American dream of freedom and if you work smart enough, you can still be anything you desire in such a free country and economy.   Human centered capitalism can work.  We’ve just had this abusive and mutated form of capitalism for too long.  Ever since Reagan wanted to trickle down his pissant plan onto the American worker its gone down hill ever since.  Giving money to corporations doesn’t mean it’s going to trickle down onto the American worker.  It means the guys at the top just get more (like millions and trillions more).

Am I being blissfully ignorant again?

I was talking to a friend who just came over here from Egypt.  He’s a super nice guy.  Came here within the last year because of the lottery.  I told him, “That’s a real thing?! I thought it was just a scam!  For Real?!”

He answered, laughing that I didn’t believe it was real, and told me, “There are many fakes, but there is a real lottery and I won it.  I shit you not.” (Hah, I added that last sentence – he didn’t say that.)

I won the lottery!  Booyah!

I asked him if he was concerned with how expensive everything is.  I mean, he’s working part time in retail for goodness sake!  He has to constantly travel back and forth to Egypt and then he works there too when he goes back.  I mean, he’s a very healthy younger man, but still…?

He grinned so large and told me, “America is worth it.”

Yeah, America is a dream.  It’s really worth it.   I haven’t given up on this country yet.  If we look at the data and move forward caring for the planet, addressing poverty, crime, bloated education and healthcare system, and all the things that just keep sliding backwards because of stupidity, elder statesmen who are still living in the 50’s, and greed, we can make it.

Oh yeah!!!

When we start acknowledging we live in the 21st century, technology, automation, the 4th Industrial Revolution is all real and upon us, we can face this with a positive attitude and make the changes necessary.

I believe to do this we should have age limits on our lawmakers.  They are deciding about things they haven’t a clue about, like modern technology and science.  These are people who in the private sector should be retired.

I was just talking to my son about how old our politicians are.  Why aren’t they forced to retire?  They are in a job where they have to use their brains and after 65 and 70 that brain is beginning to deteriorate.  It’s ridiculous all these old people are running our country.

old politicians
Excuse me, I don’t understand what you’re saying.  Could you repeat that a few more times, sonny?

I know we have a minimum age for President at 34, but why don’t we have a maximum age for a president?  Or, any states-person that decides laws for our future?  That, to me, seems reasonable.

Why would we trust our future with grandpa or grandma who still can’t figure out how to use their smart phone, iPad, or even send an email?  Okay, being able to play Candy Crush is not being tech savvy.

Our brains work so much more slowly as we age.  If they were a processor the 50-year-old brain would be running at like 1,000, while the 30 or 40-year-old brain would be processing at like… 5,000.  If it were a teen or 20-something-year-old brain just double that.

Opening a Hornet’s Nest

I know talking over age limits and things that sound ageist might make me seem like… well, an ageist.  Maybe I am.

I’m nearing 60.  I think I’m pretty bright, but when it comes to understanding the future of technology, automation and mechanics, I am very out of touch.  I just don’t get all the newfangled things out there.  (Like how I slipped in that oldie term?)

They say robots are coming for our jobs.  Every modern thinker states this from Bill Gates and Stephen Hawkings to Elon Musk, and I’m cool with that.  At least robots don’t have to worry about plantar fasciitis.

I love working a job where it doubles for exercise.  I love that.  I just don’t want a job where I HAVE to exercise to the point of pain because I need the money.  If I had a basic income I could work at that job happily and still have enough to live.  Plus, get that necessary exercise.

Read my book – it’s pretty good

Andrew Yang (yes, him again) wrote a book I just finished reading, The War on Normal People.  I wish everyone would read this book.  It tells us not to lose hope, and yet gives us a dire and bleak future within.

It is both dreary and hopeful.

How does someone write this way?

Well, it is the best of times, and it is the worst of times.  And that is life.  It is a dichotomy of the best and worst at any given moment.

As I began, when I wrote this little post, this second job was what I needed.  I will have enough to pay bills.  But, it is also what I didn’t need because physically it’s very demanding on this old body and brain.

And so, what do we do in this world of such contrast?

Again, a federal jobs guarantee is a socialist scheme to make us all workers of the mighty government.  Bernie is old school socialist.  I am not.  I am a modern day capitalist – a human-based capitalist – that believes in “we the people,” and agree that we need to have human based capitalism to function.

I believe if you work you should be able to make ends meet.  That’s why I’m for UBI (universal basic income) or Freedom Dividend, or anything you want to call it.  It’s a floor to lift us up and give us a head start with a $6.00 an hour raise by the government to invest in our country, in our own time, and our lives.  It gives us a little freedom to create and move forward.  This is a great ad produced by one of the many talented #Yanggang creators.  He’s a documentarian, James Treakle.  Please enjoy.

The next post I’m going to be placing all the talented YouTube videos by #YangGang creators.  There are so many.  Andrew Yang knows creativity needs to flourish.  It’s what made us a great innovative country.  We need the freedom to innovate, create, and invent again.

Being stuck 40 hours a week shoveling dirt for the government does not help us in any way.  I love Bernie, but that old socialist idea is not what we need to grow as a country.  Put money in our hands, as a dividend from this nation, and we will show you what we can do.


Have a fantastic day of searching and seeking! 🙂

Goodnight Gracie! 🙂 ❤





3 thoughts on “Working Too Much? A Must See Yangmilton Video at the End

  1. No matter how serious your post is, I always look forward to seeing what you write to go along with the pictures you insert 😀 I love the sarcasm and realness of your posts! Hope all is well and I’m sorry you’re having to deal with all that pain, I know it’s hard to keep going when the going is slowing is you down 😦

    1. Hey Ang, thank you so very much! 😀 I have been a bit busy, but have been wanting to write a reply to your comment. I love reading what you write also. You are so down to earth and it’s nice to hear your positive blogs on life. (I was about to write “in the middle of nowhere” haha.) I think where you live is pretty awesome. I’m going to send a link to your blog in this next post. 😉

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