I make a dish named tonkatsu about every other week (because Josh loves this easy dish).  Also, because he loves Japanese food.  I also do not mind cooking Japanese meals because they are delicious and nutritious.

Japanese food has many nutritious ingredients

Tonkatsu is a very delicious Japanese pork cutlet, deep fried with panko bread crumbs. And, it’s why I’m adding a new catagory: Cooking.

(Looks like I’m cutting into my fellow blogger Angie’s blog, Mama Coffee Chat, territory.  She is much better at this cooking thing, I think, and she really has some tasty stuff over there if you check it out.)

Watch and be amazed:

I love these guys.  I learned how to make tonkatsu watching Tabieats.  I try to make it exactly how they make it on this video, but I do cook a cutlet on average around one to two minutes longer, because I prefer a tougher and more well cooked piece of meat.

(Somehow, that sounded like the kind of unintentional misspoken phrase an “ok boomer” would say with a horribly pornographic connotation.)

You went there again?

Last week I made tonkatsu with a bit of fried rice but no cabbage.  I forgot to buy cabbage and instead just had the rice, but it was pretty good.

I took a small bowl to work, tossed a bit of soy sauce onto it, heated it in the microwave and that was my lunch at work.

tonkatsu at work.png
Note the plastic work fork?  That is fried rice with sweet corn and soy sauce, topped with day old tonkatsu.  It actually tasted better than it looks!

The week before that, I bought a little bit of lamb, roasted it with potatoes and then cooked some miso soup with celery.  I added the lamb and potatoes to the miso soup and voila, was amazed at how tasty it was.  I also had a side of rice, but Josh decided he didn’t want rice inside his miso.  I just threw it all together – cause I’m a rebel like that.

miso soup with lamb.png
I have to admit – this was amazingly awesome tasting.

Tonight I’m making some pork rib meat in a crock pot with some potatoes, carrots and celery.  Once it’s done, Josh and I are going to make miso soup again (because that’s delicious when the temps are freezing) and toss the pork and veggies inside.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.


Have a fantastic weekend, and tonkatsu is so easy to make you should really try some time.

I also make chicken katsu and that’s kind of like fried chicken with a Japanese flair.  It’s also not too bad with some home made gravy.  I’ll try and show you all how I make that with almond milk for those lactose intolerant types. (Psst, it’s all in the pepper!)

Have a good day of searching and seeking, mi amigos!

Love you Grace and sleep well! 🙂 ❤


One thought on “Tonkatsu

  1. Mmmmm! This sounds really good! Thanks for the mention 😉 I’m hoping to get my categories organized this month if I can find the time…This month I find myself with one free day a week! Busy busy lol
    Hope you’re finding some time for putting your feet up 🙂

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