Something Sunny on Sunday

If you watch this entire video until the end it will make you begin to feel something, think something, and pause.  Have a sunny and super Sunday!

I hope you enjoyed this video on this gorgeous Sunday.

I’m hopeful we will vote in the next person to unite the country and unite the world.  But I know people might do the dumb thing and because of Trump will go back to the same ole same ole.  After his crazy antics of the ego show they think they want a plain old politician.  “Old” like Sanders or Warren, or even Biden.

Vote for Grandma or Grandpa – we get the world today… once our grandkids explain… yeah?

Or, they think they want a dull politician like Pete Buttigieg or Amy Klobuchar.  They all sound so sensible and so down to earth, right?  They have nothing in way of a way forward.  They sound like they want to do something, but what’s the plan?  Where’s the way to enact the plan?  smugger pete

Amy big mouth
We understand you and like to talk, but psst, don’t pay attention to our lack of actual plans

Petey has got his city split and fighting right now.


At least they won’t do any more damage, though, right?

Or, even go back to Trump because what the heck.  We’re effed up anyway, so who cares?  Seventy-three percent of people are living paycheck to paycheck.  We know it’s hopeless out there.  Let’s just play a game on our smart phone, binge a show on Netflix, or just dull the pain with drugs or alcohol.

What we need is a person who will finally lead us forward.

And so, vote for Yang!

Yay, vote for me!

Nah, I know you will vote for who you want. That’s a democracy.  I just hope you consider a candidate that’s real and really wants what’s best, and isn’t bought and paid for by corporations (honestly, look up who is really supporting most of those candidates, other than Bernie).

Do the MATH and hopefully we will finally move forward and have a country “for the people and by the people,” for once.

Here’s another great interview if you want to watch a Sunday political show.  I know people just love doing that.  Here you go!

The Karen Hunter Show is pretty cool!

That’s my political punditry on Sunday, folks!

Have a great day of searching and seeking peeps! 🙂

Love you and good night Gracie! 🙂 ❤


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