The Holiday with Kona Bean

My new granddaughter, Kona Bean, has already stolen mine and her uncle’s heart.  She was an unexpected blessing.

kona amazed by xmas tree lit up
Whoa, what are those shiny things mom?

We almost sent her back.  Mike and Sarah almost sent her back.

It was so soon after losing our little girl Fuzzy, and it was difficult because this new little puppy has special needs.  She was kept in a cage with no human contact for nearly her first year of life.  She had no idea how to ask to go outside to use the bathroom.  She’d never been held or cuddled and didn’t understand.  She didn’t understand the dynamics of being inside a home.  She spent her life in a cage outside.  And she was only about 4-6 pounds wet.  The vet said she was very malnourished.

It was a lot of work, but so worth the time and love.

Now she’s vibrant, despite being skittish, she is more alive and gaining weight and plays and runs around.  She loves to sit on Sarah’s lap and be hugged and cuddled.  She’s changed so much since the first time she came to their home.

Sarah and Mike wouldn’t know what to do without her in their life now.  This is really her first Christmas in a home with a family.

kona by the xmas tree
Hey mom, can I have a treat now?

I’m glad they stuck with her and didn’t send her back.

At this time of year, please remember that your pets are your family.  They are not creatures to set aside.  You need to think of their needs like every other member of the family.

Look up what type of plants, foods, and noises or sounds, are bad or unhealthy for your fellow canine or feline family members.  Here’s some good tips from the ASPCA and the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association).

kona sniffing the xmas tree skirt
sniff, sniff, what’s this furry thing on the floor?

Animals, like kids (and if you ask me, they are your children too) are curious and will sniff around and check things out.

As you can see with Kona Bean, she is intrigued by all this Christmas stuff.

I am falling for this new little member of our family.

She isn’t Fuzzy.  No dog can replace our Fuzzy.

Fuzzy had a smile that lit up the room.

During this holiday season I miss her greatly.

That’s the thing about the holidays.  They are both delightful, wondrous and magically uplifting in the music, attitude and seeing loved ones often.  But they are also sad because they bring to memory those who will not spend this holiday with you any more.

I remember the year before my dad passed away I made him a recording of me singing Feliz Navidad with the guitar.  I actually had to sing in Spanish, but I thought I did okay.  It was my version.  He had played his version every Christmas.  I hoped that he loved the version I sang for him.

This holiday I am sure you all are missing friends and family that are no longer with you.

Please embrace the ones you love, and I hope you the best in your searching and seeking.  🙂

kona sleeping close up
Stuffed with turkey and tired.  Goodnight all!







Feliz Navidad!

Hi Grace!  Have a good day shopping! 🙂 ❤





3 thoughts on “The Holiday with Kona Bean

  1. I know you all miss your little Fuzzy. She was a delightful blessing to all of your lives.
    I have to tell you though your Kona Bean is absolutely adorable. I am so thankful that you guys have been blessed with saving her precious life. I love that you put the information in your blog for the ASPCA AND AMVA. I heard the other day about someone putting a pup out and it freezing to thier porch. I won’t say what I would like to seen done with the horrible person that did that to the innocent baby. Sorry I get off track easily. Some people are sadly a waste of resources. Sorry to say but you know I have to be honest about these things. I am so thankful that you guys have beautiful lil Kona Bean in your lives.

    I didn’t actually say anything about your fall. I have to tell you that I know exactly where you are coming from. It is a very broken system. For people like us it is hell to work through. We always do the right thing because our honor is valuable. I look at some people and am amazed they can look themselves in the mirror. I mean how do they sleep at night? How can they face their children, parents, partners. I mean do they honestly not know they are a piece of feces?
    Sorry for the tangents Sissy. I 💜 You More XXX’S

    1. Sis, I am used to your tangents. haha 😀

      Thank you for the comments, but now the puppy story is giving me nightmares. It’s so sad. 😦

  2. Losing a pet is so hard 😦 An it’s difficult to accept another afterwards. We lost our 2nd dog last year at Christmas and this past Friday we got a new kitten, only 7 weeks old. It’s name was Perpendicular 😀 My kids decided that Galaxy was more suited and easier to say lol
    I don’t like hearing sad stories about animal abuse (or human abuse for that matter) and it just breaks my heart to know how often it happens 😦

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