Do You Find Church Comforting?

When I was very young I would go to my little church and just sit up in the loft up by where the baptismal pool was and talk to God.

Quaint and cozy
This looks familiar

That was my thought.

Was I talking to God?  Did God listen?  Do you think God listens more intently while in a church?  Maybe if on a mountain top because it’s higher up?

Does God hear you when you talk… pray?

At one time, I thought I had a pretty good relationship with the Creator of all because we chatted a lot.

Was I just rambling to air and then something coincidental happens and then, “Wow – God answered my prayers!”

Are you listening now?
Despite the gloomy clouds, this is a very poignant photo

Or, something bad happens and we question our relationship with God because maybe we weren’t worthy of goodness and good things.

Churches have this aura that I can’t really place.

I’m not sure why they make me feel a sense of calm or a presence.

I really love this setting

People go into churches, for the most part, to worship.  Over 80% of people according to the Pew Research study stated they attended to be closer to God.

Perhaps the lingering presence of worship is what we feel and that’s the comfort of a church.

Why have you gone to church?

I initially went to find God.  Let’s say if there were no people inside the church and it was an empty building would it still have that presence?

Church attendance has been on a steady decline in the US, and the most frequent reason is that people find they worship God in other ways or they practice their faith in other ways.

Are churches becoming empty shells?  Has God finally transcended the walls of a building?

Empty halls, echoing the past

Spirituality has many questions and not so many answers.  The reality is that faith is a very personal endeavor that only you can feel and sense what you know to be true.

Are we manifestations of God’s presence, or is God’s presence manifested in us?  That, of course, is a question that is only for those who even believe there is a God.  What if there isn’t?

What is our soul telling us?  When you are quiet and alone do you think of God?

I wonder that a lot.  I’m reading a book right now, “Introduction to Indian Philosophy.”

Why am I reading this?

What’s really out there?

One of the oldest civilizations with recorded spiritual commentary, the Upanishads, is in India and the areas surrounding.

I’m curious.  Mostly, yeah – just curious.

So far it’s a pretty good book and I’ll let you know once I finish the book what I garnered from it.

I hope you all have an awesome day of seeking and searching, and finding what you are looking for in this life.

I hope all is well, and I’ll be posting some more Christmas songs, and if you have any favorites please let me know in the comments.

Goodnight Grace, I love you! 🙂 ❤







2 thoughts on “Do You Find Church Comforting?

  1. Church and I had a bad relationship in the past. Long story, not the church’s fault of course. I felt (an still do) that my church was full of hypocrites and although there were some very amazing families there that I believe were there for the right reasons and had truly beautiful intentions, I found it hard to trust anyone. I will never forget my Sunday school teacher though, she was absolutely fantastic!
    Now that I’m older, I have been working on a better relationship with God, or the Universe, or my higher power. I don’t think there is any wrong name here. I don’t attend church because I have to work Sunday’s and I believe that could be the reason a lot of people don’t attend anymore. (Slightly off topic here, the rumor for many years is that the government is trying to separate families and the churches…seems that they may be succeeding).
    Great post! Have a good weekend 😀

  2. Thanks Ang, and I left for the same reasons you did. I also just didn’t feel God there any more. God became more present in nature and while alone, and church became emptier and emptier. Last time I entered a church, it felt like I was at a mall shopping center.

    Now your government conspiracy theory? Haha One never knows… 😉

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