A Christmas Tree’s Lament – A Poem

This is a bit of a tongue and cheek poem that came up when I was talking to my son over the holiday and what type of Christmas tree we should get.  When we discussed a real tree because of the wonderful smell, well… this came to mind.  Please enjoy. 😀nature-forest-trees-fog-4827

A Christmas Tree’s Lament

Again, the wind it bit so hard

My leaves were rushed with a sense of awe

I love this season

For no other reason than

The sky is lower to my leaves

And felt more fully

(Photo by Dominika Gregušová from Pexels)

Every time I breathe

And then they came

They came for me

I wanted to do well

I wanted to succeed

But they took to the axe

Just above my knees

I considered this change

Of sceneryadventure-aerial-beautiful-351448

As I was suddenly horizontal

On top of a steel beast

My breaths became more faint

As I watched my fellow trees

In the distance all watching

And crying their farewells to me

But I knew this was right

Because this happened every year

At just about this same night

(Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels)

I’d lost a cousin once and sister too

They all had to go

Through this choosing

I was finally carried into a cave

Of lights and faint smells of fake things

That wasn’t pumpkins in that spice

Nor were there cranberries within their glowing lights

I was quickly planted into a bowl

Screwed painfully into place at my trunk’s toes

What an odd occurrence

As these human eyes glistened and mouths ooh’ed and ahh’ed

“For this is the most beautiful tree this year!”box-celebrate-celebration-christmas-264988


I wondered why they stated that of Me?

And as they covered over my needles

With decorative baubles and lights

I felt my pulse slow

And watched people so gaily and happily

Sing, as I died

“O’ Tannenbaum, O’ Tannenbaum,

How lovely are thy branches…” trailed through?

They sing of me

But my song ends, on this Christmas Eve night


And this is one of my favorite CD’s around the holidays and love this arrangement of O’ Tannenbaumdeer-on-snowfield-at-daytime-745499With thanks, I love real Christmas trees, but for my son I will get a fake one, or live one in a pot and let it live until replanted in the ground.

I hope you enjoyed my poem.

Was it too dark?  Too maudlin?  Too poorly written?

Please let me know in the comments.

I hope you all have a fantastic day of searching and seeking!  🙂

Goodnight Gracie! 🙂 ❤


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