Stumptown is a Weird Name for a Show

Do you find an actor or actress you like and watch everything they do?  Are you a fan, who is like a stalker, because you binge on a favorite actor's every show and movie? If you are, then let me tell you about Jacoba Francisca Maria Smulders, a.k.a. Cobie Smulders. She is best known for … Continue reading Stumptown is a Weird Name for a Show

Batwoman… Just Sucks, and Other Stuff

This will mostly be a review on reviews. I wanted to like this show.  I love Batman and enjoy the DC universe.  I think Ruby Rose is cute.  Yes, she needs to bulk up a little, but she's actually got a very pretty face, in my opinion.  I have nothing against Ruby Rose.  I liked … Continue reading Batwoman… Just Sucks, and Other Stuff

Dunch and Bill Gates

I just finished watching a three episode docu-series-kinda-thing on Netflix called, Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates. I was told to watch it by Grace and she nudged (nagged) me toward watching this show.  I finally succumbed and watched. Wow, it was really good!  I ended up binging all three episodes and for the last … Continue reading Dunch and Bill Gates