Shuffling Through the Tunes – #22

Another 30-Day Challenge post.  I hope you all aren't too bored.  These actually are fun for me and I hope you do enjoy some of what I share about me and what I love in this crazy world.   [On a side note: My heart goes out so much to George Floyd's family right now.  … Continue reading Shuffling Through the Tunes – #22

Contemplating My Existence, My… Life

Do you remember when there were a few popular books titled, The Purpose Driven Life, The Untethered Soul, and The Secret, and other books that tell you how to live "successfully?"  Or, how to DO this thing called life. I've only read one of those books, The Untethered Soul, and would highly recommend it. The … Continue reading Contemplating My Existence, My… Life

One Small Glimpse

One Small Glimpse... And so, I published this little book of poetry.  It’s very small.  I will probably publish a larger book of poetry one day, but this is it for now.  My small book, of which you should immediately purchase HERE.  The advantage of buying via Amazon is you are able to get the … Continue reading One Small Glimpse

Most Popular Blog Post

My most popular blog was written about dog pee, Hannah Hart, and living on the streets.  I sometimes wonder why that is.  I get the draw of Hannah Hart because she's an amazingly comedic young talent.  I even get the living on the streets because of the feeling of freedom, and in fact would like … Continue reading Most Popular Blog Post