I Had To Write Something… and a poem

... ... ... Something I'm posting a poem for Grace. 🙂 ❤ Hollow Orbs I watched hollow orbs Flicker and dance Wondering what was there Light within brighter still Searching for depth and understanding Passing through the common glance On the other side Deeper and deeper still Color and vibrance I say, “I love you,” … Continue reading I Had To Write Something… and a poem

Sunday Poetry & Emptiness

As Barry Gibbs once asked, "How can you mend a broken heart?"  Well, its not very easy.  Here's two poems on this Sunday from my Intermission Poetry collection. Plus, I've added three song widgets along the side bar.  (Oh wait, I added five songs.)  I hope you like the songs.  Just a small bit of … Continue reading Sunday Poetry & Emptiness

This Christmas Isn’t What it Seems

A poem (with many cute pics of dogs and cats).  *clears throat* My Love... This Isn't What it Seems this Christmas... so Please? How do you love me...? I mean really how? Sometimes you'll ask me before answering And then answer before asking And I am standing here with eggnog in hand But egg in … Continue reading This Christmas Isn’t What it Seems

This is So Hard

[A poem will follow this short randomness.] Okay, I know the title can have a few meanings... including a title for a porn film. BUT... Writing can be hard... difficult... problematic... arduous... demanding... (I had to google some more synonyms because my brain is not working very well today)... and my favorite, Sisyphean. I just … Continue reading This is So Hard